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ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

ACM SIGSOFT encourages SIGSOFT-sponsored conferences to designate a number of accepted papers for ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards for the conference. In addition to presenting certificates to the authors of awarded papers, two awarded papers from each ICSE, FSE and ESEC will be invited for presentation at the following India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC), which is sponsored by SIGSE, the Special Interest Group on Software Engineering of the Computer Society of India (CSI).

Here are the previous winners and paper titles.


Number of ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Papers

In cases where the number of accepted papers is less than or equal to ten, one paper can be designated; in cases where the number of accepted papers is 11 through 20 inclusive, two papers can be designated; otherwise, 10% of the papers can be designated.

Selecting ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Papers

ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards are to be awarded only for full-length technical papers accepted by the program committee for the main track of a SIGSOFT-sponsored meeting. They are not intended for abstracts or short papers, for papers from satellite or co-located events such as workshops and doctoral symposia, or for demo papers, panel summaries, invited papers and other such supplementary contributions. The program committee will take a weighted vote, respecting the conflict of interest rules in place for the conference, to identify the top candidates among the papers. The program committee chair(s) will use the results of the weighted votes as a primary basis for selecting the award papers.

Notifying Recipients of ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Papers

Conference organizers can also decide how they want to notify the recipients of the Distinguished Paper awards. One possibility is to postpone the announcement of the award until an awards ceremony at the conference. Another possibility is to place the Distinguished Papers in strategic locations in the program---e.g., the first (or last) paper(s) in the program.

How to Prepare ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Papers Award Certificates

Contact Ann Lane at ACM ( and she will provide you with a template you may use to create certificates.