Influential Educator Award

Education is vital to the advancement of the research and practice of Software Engineering. Yet, the contributions of an educator often go unnoticed, except perhaps by those closest to the educator. The SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award is presented annually to an educator or educators who have made significant contributions to, and impact on, the field of software engineering with his or her accomplishments as a teacher, mentor, researcher (in education or learning), author, and/or policy maker. The award may be made to multiple collaborators for joint contributions, such as a co-authored text book.

Recipients receive a plaque engraved with their name and signed by the chair of SIGSOFT along with a $1000 honorarium. The award is presented by the SIGSOFT chair at ICSE during ICSE's award presentation session. The award recipient also receives support for travel to ICSE up to $2500 within their home continent and up to $3000 outside their home continent, including airfare, hotel, and conference registration for ICSE.

To submit a nomination for the award, please use the awards nomination portal. Nominations are due no later than December 15 of each year.


2017Bertrand Meyer, for contributions to the advancement of the research and practice of software engineering
2016Lori Pollock, for mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students, innovation in software engineering education, and educational research
2015Barbara Ryder, for significant contributions in software engineering education, graduate student and faculty mentoring and efforts to improve the representation of women in the field
2014Mary Lou Soffa, or a sustained record of mentoring of women at all ranks in the field of computing, especially software engineering
2013Tony Wasserman, for early contributions to software engineering curriculum development and extensive academic and professional education in software engineering methods, tools, and management
2012Mehdi Jazayeri, for significant and lasting contributions to software engineering and computer science education
David Notkin, for tremendous impact in graduate-level education, in mentoring junior researchers, and in nurturing future researchers
2011Ian Sommerville, for his contribution to the education of successive generations of Software Engineers internationally, through his writings, his teaching, and his student mentoring
2010Leon J. Osterweil, for pioneering software engineering as an academic discipline, contributions to software engineering scholarship and excellence through graduate education, and mentoring of new software engineering faculty
2009Laurie Williams, for significant and lasting contributions to software engineering and computer science education
Nico Habermann (posthumously), for significant and lasting contributions to the field of software engineering as a teacher and mentor