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ICSE's Most Influential Paper Award

This award is presented at each ICSE meeting to the author(s) of the paper from the ICSE meeting of 10 years ago that is judged to have had the most influence on the theory or practice of software engineering during the 10 years since its original publication.

The award is jointly sponsored by ACM/SIGSOFT and IEEE TCSE.

Recipients are given a plaque engraved with their names and signed by the General Chair of ICSE'N. The award is presented yearly by the ICSE'N general chair at ICSE during ICSE's award presentation session. The recipients are asked to give a presentation to the conference on their current views on software engineering.

Each year the current program committee for ICSE'N reviews the papers from ICSE'(N-10) and selects the paper they consider to have been the most influential paper during the previous 10 years. When more than one paper receives strong support, honorable mention awards are sometimes given as deemed appropriate.

Previous Recipients of the Most Influential Paper Award

2014 Thomas Zimmerman, Peter Weisgerber, Stephan Diehl and Andreas Zeller: Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes, ICSE-26, 2004.
2013 Davor Čubranić and Gail C. Murphy: Hipikat: Recommending Pertinent Software Development Artifacts, ICSE-25, 2003.
2012 Jonathan Aldrich, Craig Chambers, David Notkin: ArchJava: Connecting Software Architecture to Implementation, ICSE-24, 2002.
2011 Filippo Ricca and Paolo Tonella: Analysis and testing of Web applications, ICSE-23, 2001.
2010 Audris Mockus, Roy T. Fielding, James Herbsleb: A case study of open source software development: the Apache server, ICSE-22, 2000.
James C. Corbett, Matthew B. Dwyer, John Hatcliff, Shawn Laubach, Corina S. Pasareanu, Robby, Hongjun Zheng: Bandera: extracting finite-state models from Java source code, ICSE-22, 2000.
2009 Peri Tarr, Harold Ossher, William Harrison, and Stanley M. Sutton: N Degrees of Separation: Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns, ICSE-21, 1999.
2008 Peyman Oreizy, Nenad Medvidovic and Richard N. Taylor: Architecture-Based Runtime Software Evolution, ICSE-20, 1998.
2007 Antonio Carzaniga, Gian Pietro Picco and Giovanni Vigna: Designing Distributed Applications with Mobile Code Paradigms, ICSE-19, 1997.
2006 No Award.
2005 Michael Jackson, Pamela Zave:  Deriving Specifications from Requirements: An Example, ICSE-17, 1995.
2004 Robert Allen, David Garlan:  Formalizing Architectural Connection, ICSE-16, 1994.
2003 Bashar Nuseibeh, Jeff Kramer, Anthony Finkelstein: Expressing the Relationships between Multiple Views in Requirements Specification, ICSE-15, 1993.
2002 David S. Rosenblum: Towards a Method of Programming with Assertions, ICSE-14, 1992.
2001 Robert Balzer: Tolerating Inconsistency, ICSE-13, 1991.
2000 No award.
1999 Dewayne Perry: The Inscape Environment, ICSE-11, 1989.
1998 David Harel, Hagi Lachover, Amnon Naamad, Amir Pnueli, Michal Politi, Rivi Sherman, Aharon Shtul-Trauring: Statemate: A Working Environment for the Development of Complex Reactive Systems, ICSE-10, 1988.
1997 Manny Lehman: Process Models, Process Programs, Programming Support, ICSE-9, 1987.
Lee Osterweil: Software Processes are Software Too, ICSE-9, 1987.
1996 Sam Redwine Jr., William Riddle: Software Technology Maturation, ICSE-8, 1985.
1995 David L. Parnas, Paul C. Clements, David M. Weiss: The Modular Structure of Complex Systems, ICSE-7, 1984.
1994 Sol Greenspan, John Mylopoulos, Alex Borgida: Capturing More World Knowledge in the Requirements Specification, ICSE-6, 1982.
1993 Mark Weiser: Program Slicing, ICSE-5, 1981.
1992 Walter Tichy: Software Development Control Based on Module Interconnection, ICSE-4, 1979.
1991 David Parnas: Designing Software for Ease of Extension and Contraction, ICSE-3, 1978.
1990 William A. Wulf, Ralph L. London, Mary Shaw: An Introduction to the Construction and Verification of Alphard Programs, ICSE-2, 1976.
1989 Marc J. Rochkind: The Source Code Control System, NCSE-1, 1975.