2018 Elections

SIGSOFT members will elect new officers and Members-at-Large this year, for three-year terms. The SIGSOFT election will take place from 30 April to 1 June, 2018. Anyone who wishes to vote in the election must be an active member of SIGSOFT on or before 16 April, 2018.

Nominated Candidates


  • Tao Xie
  • Thomas Zimmermann


  • Luciano Baresi
  • Elisabetta Di Nitto


  • Robert Dyer
  • Steven Fraser
  • William G.J. Halfond
  • Marija Mikic
  • Gregg Rothermel
  • Sebastian Uchitel

Petitioning Process

In accordance with the ACM SIG Bylaws, additional candidates may be placed on the ballot by petition. All candidates must be ACM Professional Members, as well as members of SIGSOFT. Anyone interested in petitioning must inform ACM Headquarters, Pat Ryan (ryanp at hq dot acm dot org) and the Secretary of SIGSOFT, Elisabetta di Nitto (elisabetta dot dinitto at polimi dot it) of their intent to petition by 15 March, 2018. Petitions must be submitted to ACM Headquarters for verification by 31 March 2018.

According to the SIGSOFT Bylaws, a petition from 1% of the voting members (i.e., 18 names) of SIGSOFT will place other consenting candidates on the ballot.