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PhD Dissertations in the Area of Software Engineering

This list is provided as a resource for PhD candidates, researchers, scientists, and engineers who are actively pursuing advanced research in Software Engineering.

PhD graduates are invited to submit information about their dissertations by using this form. The information they provide will be evaluated by our committee before being added to the list below.

Please observe that only completed dissertations will be accepted and that decisions about their acceptance for posting on the site are final. Furthermore, dissertations must be in English; for dissertations that are not available in English, an English-language publication that summarizes the results of the dissertation may be submitted instead.

Finally, observe that SIGSOFT is making this information available without warranty and assumes no responsibility for its accuracy. All information was provided on a voluntary basis. Any issues of copyright are the sole responsibility of the person submitting the information to SIGSOFT.

Those interested in PhD dissertations in the area of software engineering may also be interested in Tao Xie's Software Engineering Academic Genealogy.


Xusheng Xiao. Cooperative Testing and Analysis via Informed Decision Making. North Carolina State University (June 13, 2014, advisor: Tao Xie and Laurie Williams). Abstract.


Baishakhi Ray. Analysis of Cross-System Porting and Porting Errors in Software Projects. University of Texas at Austin (August 19, 2013, advisor: Miryung Kim). Abstract.

Tristan Ravitch. Inferred Interface Glue: Supporting Language Interoperability with Static Analysis. University of Wisconsin-Madison (August 20, 2013, advisor: Ben Liblit). Abstract.

Kathryn Stolee. Solving the Search for Source Code. University of Nebraska-Lincoln (January 1, 2013, advisor: Sebastian Elbaum). Abstract.


Norbert Siegmund. Measuring and Predicting Non-Functional Properties of Customizable Programs. University of Magdeburg (November 27, 2012, advisor: Gunter Saake). Abstract.

Janet Siegmund. Framework for Measuring Program Comprehension. University of Magdeburg (November 27, 2012, advisor: Gunter Saake). Abstract.

Kai Pan. Constraint-based generation of database states for testing database applications. University of North Carolina at Charlotte (December 2012, advisor: Xintao Wu). Abstract.

Domenico Bianculli. Open-world software: Specification, verification, and beyond. Università della Svizzera italiana (July 18, 2012, advisor: Carlo Ghezzi). Abstract.

Taneja Kunal. Quality Assurance of Database Centric Applications. North Carolina State University (November 7, 2012, advisor: Tao Xie). Abstract.

Iman Saleh. The Formal Specification and Verification of Data-Centric Web Services. Virginia Tech (February 10, 2012, advisor: Gregory W. Kulczycki). Abstract.

Michael Würsch. A Query Framework for Software Evolution Data. University of Zurich (September 2012, advisor: Harald C. Gall). Abstract.

Michael Pradel. Program Analyses for Automatic and Precise Error Detection. ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science (December 2012, advisor: Thomas R. Gross). Abstract.

Cindy Rubio González. Finding Error-Propagation Bugs in Large Software Systems Using Static Analysis. University of Wisconsin Madison (August 2012, advisor: Ben Liblit). Abstract.

Piramanayagam Arumuga Nainar. Applications of Static Analysis and Program Structure in Statistical Debugging. University of Wisconsin - Madison (August 24, 2012, advisor: Ben Liblit). Abstract.

Aldeida Aleti. An Adaptive Approach to Controlling Parameters of Evolutionary Algorithms. Swinburne University of Technology (July 23, 2012, advisor: Lars Grunske). Abstract.

Pamela Bhattacharya. Quantitative decision-making in software engineering. University of California, Riverside (June 15, 2012, advisor: Iulian Neamtiu). Abstract.

Matthias Hert. RDF-based Read and Write Access to Relational Databases. University of Zurich (April 2012, advisor: Harald C. Gall). Abstract.

Ekwa Duala-Ekoko. Using Structure-Based Recommendations to Facilitate API Learnability. McGill University (May 2012, advisor: Martin Robillard). Abstract.

Indika Meedeniya. Architecture Optimisation of Embedded Systems under Uncertainty in Probabilistic Reliability Evaluation Model Parameters. Swinburne University of Technology (July 17, 2012, advisor: Lars Grunske and Irene Moser). Abstract.


Mark Gabel. Inferring Programmer Intent and Related Errors from Software. University of California at Davis (September 2011, advisor: Zhendong Su). Abstract.

Eugene Syriani. A Multi-Paradigm Foundation for Model Transformation Language Engineering. McGill University (February 4, 2011, advisor: Hans Vangheluwe). Abstract.

Mohammad AL Asswad. Semantic Information Systems Engineering: A Query-based Approach for Semi-automatic Annotation of Web Services. Brunel University (July 19, 2011, advisor: Mark Lycett). Abstract.

Catia Trubiani. Automated generation of architectural feedback from software performance analysis results. University of L'Aquila (April 18, 2011, advisor: Vittorio Cortellessa). Abstract.

Amine Chigani. Campus Situational Awareness and Emergency Response Management System. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (May 14, 2011, advisor: Osman Balci). Abstract.

Anne Koziolek. Automated Improvement of Software Architecture Models for Performance and Other Quality Attributes. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (July 14, 2011, advisor: Ralf Reussner). Abstract.

Ridi Ferdiana. An extreme programming approach for global software development. Universitas Gadjah Mada (October 26, 2011, advisor: Lukito Edi Nughroho and Paulus Insap Santosa and Ahmad Ashari). Abstract.

Yi Huang. Contract-based Synchronization of Multi-threaded Java Programs. Michigan State University (December 16, 2011, advisor: Laura Dillon). Abstract.

Rahul Purandare. Exploiting Program and Property Structure for Efficient Runtime Monitoring. University of Nebraska (May 6, 2011, advisor: Matthew B. Dwyer). Abstract.

Jiangfan Shi. Use of constraint solving for testing software product lines. University of Nebraska (December 2011, advisor: Matthew B. Dwyer and Myra B. Cohen). Abstract.

Neil Harrison. Improving quality attributes of software systems through software architecture patterns. University of Groningen (April 18, 2011, advisor: Paris Avgeriou). Abstract.

Trosky Boris Callo Arias. Execution architecture views for evolving software-intensive systems. University of Groningen (June 17, 2011, advisor: Paris Avgeriou and Pierre America). Abstract.

Philip Langer. Adaptable Model Versioning based on Model Transformation By Demonstration. Vienna University of Technology (December 21, 2011, advisor: Gerti Kappel). Abstract.

Klaas-Jan Stol. Supporting Product Development with Software from the Bazaar. University of Limerick (December 1, 2011, advisor: Muhammad Ali Babar and Paris Avgeriou and Brian Fitzgerald). Abstract.

Ziyad Alshaikh. Notes on the Synthesis of Context: a novel approach to model context in software engineering. Australian National University (February 2011, advisor: Clive Boughton). Abstract.

Kiev Gama. Towards Dependable Dynamic Component-based Application. Universite de Grenoble (October 6, 2011, advisor: Didier Donsez). Abstract.

Arif Raza. A Usability Maturity Model for Open Source Software. University of Western Ontario (June 15, 2011, advisor: Luiz Fernando Capretz). Abstract.

Hugo Sereno Ferreira. Adaptive Object-Modeling: Patterns, Tools and Applications. University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering (May 27, 2011, advisor: Ademar Aguiar). Abstract.

Varun Gupta. Object-Oriented Static and Dynamic Software Metrics for Design and Complexity. National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India (March 31, 2011, advisor: Jitender Kumar Chhabra). Abstract.

Soo Ling Lim. Social Networks and Collaborative Filtering for Large-Scale Requirements Elicitation. University of New South Wales (February 3, 2011, advisor: Anthony Finkelstein). Abstract.

William Tribbey. Construction and analysis of vector space models for use in aspect mining. Nova Southeastern University (April 2011, advisor: Frank Mitropoulos). Abstract.


Paul Ralph. Fundamentals of Software Design Science. University of British Columbia (October, 2010, advisor: Yair Wand). Abstract.

Antonio Miguel Rosado da Cruz. Automatic Generation of User Interfaces from Rigorous Domain and Use Case Models. Universidade do Porto (September 17, 2010, advisor: Joao Pascoal Faria). Abstract.

Vinicius Garcia. RiSE Reference Model for Software Reuse Adoption in Brazilian Companies. Federal University of Pernambuco (February 26, 2010, advisor: Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira and Eduardo Santana de Almeida). Abstract.

Foutse Khomh. Patterns and Quality of Object-oriented Software Systems. University of Montreal (August 31, 2010, advisor: Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc). Abstract.

Marco D'Ambros. On the Evolution of Source Code and Software Defects. University of Lugano (October 19, 2010, advisor: Michele Lanza). Abstract.

Suresh Thummalapenta. Improving Software Productivity and Quality via Mining Source Code. North Carolina State University (November 23, 2010, advisor: Tao Xie). Abstract.

Juncao Li. An Automata-Theoretic Approach to Hardware/Software Co-verification. Portland State University (December 10, 2010, advisor: Fei Xie). Abstract.

Paolo Di Benedetto. A Framework For Context Aware Adaptable Software Applications And Services. Università degli Studi di L'Aquila (July 9, 2010, advisor: Paola Inverardi). Abstract.

Toby Myers. The Foundations for a Scaleable Methodology for Systems Design. Griffith University (November 26, 2010, advisor: R. Geoff Dromey). Abstract.

Lukas Renggli. Dynamic Language Embedding With Homogeneous Tool Support. University of Bern (October 20, 2010, advisor: Oscar Nierstrasz). Abstract.

Rubén Mondéjar. Distributed AOP Middleware for Large-Scale Scenarios. Universitat Rovira i Virgili (April 29, 2010, advisor: Pedro García-López). Abstract.

David Röthlisberger. Augmenting IDEs with Runtime Information for Software Maintenance. University of Bern (June 4, 2010, advisor: Oscar Nierstrasz). Abstract.

Rangaswamy Selvarani. Design Quality Metrics in Object Oriented Software System. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (February 8, 2010, advisor: T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair). Abstract.

Bonita Sharif. Empirical Assessment of UML Class Diagram Layouts based on Architectural Importance. Kent State University (May 13, 2010, advisor: Jonathan I. Maletic). Abstract.

Michel dos Santos Soares. Architecture-Driven Integration of Modeling Languages for the Design of Software-Intensive Systems. Delft University of Technology (February 2010, advisor: Alexander Verbraeck). Abstract.

Angshu Maan Sen. Multiple Perspectives of Elicitation of Requirements in Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering: An Agile Technique of Elicitation. Assam University, Silchar (May 13, 2010, advisor: K. Hemachandran). Abstract.

Patricia Deshane. Managing the Copy-and-Paste Programming Practice. Clarkson University (April 30, 2010, advisor: Daqing Hou). Abstract.

Christian Murphy. Metamorphic Testing Techniques to Detect Defects in Applications without Test Oracles. Columbia University (05/2010, advisor: Gail Kaiser). Abstract.


Remco de Boer. Architectural Knowledge Management: Supporting Architects and Auditors. VU University Amsterdam (October 5, 2009, advisor: Hans van Vliet and Patricia Lago). Abstract.

Laura-Cecilia Rodriguez-Martinez. Design and Evaluation of a Software Systems Life Cycle Process Model in the Service-oriented Software Engineering Paradigm. Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (November 12, 2009, advisor: Manuel Mora). Abstract.

Angela Lozano. Assessing the effect of source code characteristics on changeability. Open University (December 17, 2009, advisor: Michel Wermelinger and Bashar Nuseibeh). Abstract.

Mircea Lungu. Reverse Engineering Software Ecosystems. University of Lugano (October 2009, advisor: Michele Lanza). Abstract.

Jochen Quante. Dynamic Object Process Graphs. University of Bremen, Germany (January 30, 2009, advisor: Rainer Koschke). Abstract.

Rui Abreu. Spectrum-based Fault Localization in Embedded Software. Delft University of Technology (2009, advisor: Arjan van Gemund). Abstract.

Bruno Cabral. A Transactional Model for Automatic Exception Handling. University of Coimbra (26 November, 2009, advisor: Paulo Marques). Abstract.

Mohammad Raunak. Resource Management In Complex and Dynamic Environments. University of Massachusetts Amherst (September 2009, advisor: Leon J. Osterweil). Abstract.

Jörg Rech. Context-sensitive Diagnosis of Quality Defects in Object-oriented Software Systems. University of Hildesheim (2009, advisor: Klaus-Dieter Althoff). Abstract.

Yingfei Xiong. A Language-based Approach to Model Synchronization in Software Engineering. The University of Tokyo (Sep, 2009, advisor: Zhenjiang Hu and Masato Takeichi). Abstract.

Justin Erenkrantz. Computational REST: A New Model for Decentralized, Internet-Scale Applications. University of California, Irvine (September 2009, advisor: Richard N. Taylor). Abstract.

Donna Malayeri. Coding Without Your Crystal Ball: Unanticipated Object-Oriented Reuse. Carnegie Mellon University (12/2009, advisor: Jonathan Aldrich). Abstract.

Georgios Gousios. Tools and Methods for Large Scale Software Engineering Research. Athens University of Economics and Business (4/7/2009, advisor: Diomidis Spinellis). Abstract.

Eduardo Figueiredo. Concern-Oriented Heuristic Assessment of Design Stability. Lancaster University (23 October 2009, advisor: Jon Whittle and Alessandro Garcia). Abstract.

Lingxiao Jiang. Scalable Detection of Similar Code: Techniques and Applications. University of California, Davis (2009, advisor: Zhendong Su). Abstract.

Travis Breaux. Legal Requirements Acquisition for the Specification of Legally Compliant Information Systems. North Carolina State University (April 2009, advisor: Annie Anton). Abstract.

Eric Bodden. Verifying finite-state properties of large-scale programs. McGill University (12/28/2009, advisor: Laurie Hendren). Abstract.

Sayyed Maisikeli. Aspect Mining Using Self-Organizing Maps With Method Level Dynamic Software Metrics as Input Vectors. Nova Southeastern University (June 2009, advisor: Frank Mitropoulos). Abstract.

Adam Kiezun. Effective Software Testing with a String-Constraint Solver. MIT (2009, advisor: Michael D. Ernst). Abstract.

Dennis Jeffrey. Dynamic State Alteration Techniques for Automatically Locating Software Errors. The University of California, Riverside (August 2009, advisor: Rajiv Gupta). Abstract.

Chanchal Roy. Detection and Analysis of Near-Miss Software Clones. Queen's University at Kingston ( August 31, 2009, advisor: James R. Cordy). Abstract.

Roberto Silva Filho. An Empirical Study of Publish/Subscribe Middleware Versatility. University of California, Irvine (August 2009, advisor: David F. Redmiles). Abstract.

Suzette Person. Differential Symbolic Execution. University of Nebraska - Lincoln (August 2009, advisor: Matthew B. Dwyer). Abstract.

Eugen Nistor. Concern-Driven Software Evolution. University of California, Irvine (2009, advisor: André van der Hoek). Abstract.

Maria Karen Cortes-Verdin. AOPLA: Aspect-Oriented Product Line Architecture. CIMAT A.C. (Center for Research in Mathematics), Mexico (2009-06-05, advisor: Cuauhtemoc Lemus Olalde). Abstract.

Kevin Bierhoff. API Protocol Compliance in Object-Oriented Software. Carnegie Mellon University (5/17/2009, advisor: Jonathan Aldrich). Abstract.

Abbas Heydarnoori. Supporting Framework Use via Automatically Extracted Concept-Implementation Templates. University of Waterloo (April 27, 2009, advisor: Krzysztof Czarnecki). Abstract.

Mithun Acharya. Mining API Specifications from Source Code for Improving Software Reliability. North Carolina State University (April 27, 2009, advisor: Tao Xie). Abstract.

Khanh Hoa Dam. Supporting Software Evolution in Agent Systems. RMIT University (4 March 2009, advisor: Michael Winikoff and Lin Padgham). Abstract.

Nelio Cacho. Supporting Maintainable Exception Handling with Explicit Exception Channels. Lancaster University (15/01/2009, advisor: Alessandro Garcia). Abstract.


Anton Jansen. Architectural design decisions. University of Groningen (September 19, 2008, advisor: Jan Bosch and Dieter Hammer and Paris Avgeriou). Abstract.

Thomas Zimmermann. Changes and Bugs Mining and Predicting Development Activities. Saarland University (May 26, 2008, advisor: Andreas Zeller). Abstract.

Chithralekha Thanasekaran. Agents with Two-Dimensional Language Autonomy for Task Delegation. Pondicherry University (8/12/2008, advisor: S. Kuppuswami). Abstract.

Lukasz Radlinski. Improved Software Project Risk Assessment Using Bayesian Nets. Queen Mary, University of London (30 Nov 2008, advisor: Norman Fenton). Abstract.

Till Bay. Hosting distributed software projects: concepts, framework, and the Origo experience. ETH Zurich (16.1.2008, advisor: Bertrand Meyer). Abstract.

Venkatasamy Prasanna Venkatesan. ARMMS- AN Architectural Reference Model for Multilingual Software. Pondicherry University (08-12-2008, advisor: S. Kuppuswami). Abstract.

Oksana Tkachuk. Domain-Specific Environment Generation for Modular Software Model Checking. Kansas State University (12-12-2008, advisor: Matthew B. Dwyer). Abstract.

Israel Herraiz. A statistical examination of the properties and evolution of libre software. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Oct. 2008, advisor: Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona and Gregorio Robles). Abstract.

Marc Fisher II. Probing Analysis of Closed Components. University of Nebraska - Lincoln (August, 2008, advisor: Gregg Rothermel and Sebastian Elbaum). Abstract.

Marco Autili. Synthesis Of Distributed Adaptors To Enforce Temporal Properties Specified Through Graphical Scenarios. Università degli Studi dell'Aquila (April 2008, advisor: Paola Inverardi). Abstract.

Romain Robbes. Of Change and Software. University of Lugano (12/01/2008, advisor: Michele Lanza). Abstract.

Miryung Kim. Analyzing and Inferring the Structure of Code Changes. University of Washington (2008, advisor: David Notkin). Abstract.

Atul Gupta. Unit Testing of Object-Oriented Programs. IIT Kanpur, INDIA (March 17, 2008, advisor: Dr. Pankaj Jalote). Abstract.

Haroon Tarawneh. A Proposed Software Process Framework for Internet Development in Small Software Firms. The Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences (2008, advisor: Asim El Sheikh). Abstract.

Adrian Lienhard. Dynamic Object Flow Analysis. University of Bern, Switzerland (16.12.08, advisor: Oscar Nierstrasz). Abstract.

Cláudio Sant'Anna. On the Modularity of Aspect-Oriented Design: A Concern-Driven Measurement Approach. Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) (April 2008, advisor: Carlos Lucena and Alessandro Garcia). Abstract.

Faizan Javed. Techniques for Context-Free Grammar Induction and Applications. University of Alabama at Birmingham (05/03/2008, advisor: Barrett R. Bryant). Abstract.

Beat Fluri. Change Distilling - Enriching software evolution analysis with fine-grained source code change histories. University of Zurich (October 2008, advisor: Harald C. Gall). Abstract.

Suman Roychoudhury. Genaweave: A Generic Aspect Weaver Framework Based On Model-Driven Program Transformation. University of Alabama at Birmingham (08.09.2008, advisor: Jeff Gray). Abstract.

Sebastian Gonzalez. Programming in Ambience: Gearing Up for Dynamic Adaptation to Context. Université catholique de Louvain (24 October 2008, advisor: Prof. Kim Mens). Abstract.

Annabella Loconsole. Definition and validation of requirements management measures. Umeå University (25 Jan 2008, advisor: Jürgen Börstler). Abstract.

Bram Adams. Co-Evolution of Source Code and the Build System: Impact on the Introduction of AOSD in Legacy Systems. Ghent University (15/05/2008, advisor: Herman Tromp). Abstract.

Tom Van Custem. Ambient References: Object Designation in Mobile ad hoc Networks. Vrije Universiteit Brussel (May 23rd 2008, advisor: Wolfgang De Meuter). Abstract.

K.C. Shashidhar. Efficient Automatic Verification of Loop and Data-flow Transformations by Functional Equivalence Checking. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (05/23/2008, advisor: Maurice Bruynooghe and Francky Catthoor). Abstract.

Christoph Csallner. Combining over- and under-approximating program analyses for automatic software testing. Georgia Tech (August 1, 2008, advisor: Yannis Smaragdakis). Abstract.

Michal Antkiewicz. Framework-Specific Modeling Languages. University of Waterloo (Sep 12, 2008, advisor: Krzysztof Czarnecki). Abstract.

Dennis Wagelaar. Platform Ontologies for the Model-Driven Architecture. Vrije Universiteit Brussel (April 18th, 2008, advisor: Viviane Jonckers). Abstract.

Eugenio Capra. Software Design Quality and Development Effort: an Empirical Study on the Role of Governance in Open Source Projects. Politecnico di Milano (May 14th 2008, advisor: Chiara Francalanci). Abstract.

Oliver Hummel. Semantic Component Retrieval in Software Engineering. University of Mannheim (Mar, 11, 08, advisor: Colin Atkinson and Ivica Crnkovic). Abstract.

Vahe Poladian. Tailoring Configuration to User's Tasks under Uncertainty . Carnegie Mellon University (May 2008, advisor: David Garland and Mary Shaw). Abstract.

Jie Hu. Realistic Models for Scheduling Tasks on Network Nodes. University of California, Irvine (03/01/2008, advisor: Raymond Klefstad). Abstract.

Scott McMaster. A Context-Sensitive Coverage Criterion for Test Suite Reduction. University of Maryland, College Park (5/23/2008, advisor: Atif Memon). Abstract.

Shang-Wen Cheng. Cost-effective, Software Architecture-based Self-adaptation. Carnegie Mellon University (2008.05.18, advisor: David Garlan). Abstract.

Dean Sutherland. The Code of Many Colors: Semi-automated Reasoning About Multi-Thread Policy for Java. Carnegie Mellon University (May 2008, advisor: William L. Scherlis). Abstract.

Yuriy Brun. Self-Assembly for Discreet, Fault-Tolerant, and Scalable Computation on Internet-Sized Distributed Networks. University of Southern California (May 2008, advisor: Nenad Medvidovic). Abstract.

Erkki Laitila. Symbolic Analysis and Atomistic Model as a Basis for a Program Comprehension Methodology. Jyväskylä University, Finland (8.5.2008, advisor: Pekka Neittaanmäki). Abstract.

Genaína Nunes Rodrigues. A Model Driven Approach for Software Reliability Prediction. University College London (08-Feb-08, advisor: David S. Rosenblum). Abstract.

Tiago Massoni. A Model-Driven Approach to Formal Refactoring. Federal University of Pernambuco (03/07/2008, advisor: Paulo Borba). Abstract.


Charles B. Haley. Arguing Security: A Framework for Analyzing Security Requirements. The Open University (March 2007, advisor: Bashar Nuseibeh). Abstract.

Diego Garbervetsky. Parametric specifications of dynamic memory utilization. Universidad de Buenos Aires (November 15, 2007, advisor: Victor Braberman and Sergio Yovine). Abstract.

Davide Di Ruscio. Specification of Model Transformation and Weaving in Model Driven Engineering. University of L'Aquila (2007, advisor: Alfonso Pierantonio). Abstract.

Jim Steel. Typage de Modèles. Université de Rennes 1 (April 23, 2007, advisor: Jean-Marc Jézéquel). Abstract.

Gerardo Padilla. A Test Profile Analysis Framework for Assessing the Reliability of Software Component Assemblies. Research Center in Mathematics, Mexico (2007, advisor: Carlos Montes de Oca). Abstract.

Joel Huselius. Reverse Engineering of Legacy Real-Time Systems: An Automated Approach Based on Execution-Time Recording. Mälardalens University (2007-06-14, advisor: Hans Hansson). Abstract.

Jiang Zheng. In Regression Testing without Code. North Carolina State University (August 2007, advisor: Laurie Williams). Abstract.

Emily Navarro. SimSE: A Software Engineering Simulation Environment for Software Process Education. University of California, Irvine (2007, advisor: Andre van der Hoek). Abstract.

Charles Pairot. Design And Implementation Of A Wide-Area Middleware Infrastructure For The Development Of Distributed Applications In Structured Peer-To-Peer Environments. Universidad de Murcia (07/06/2007, advisor: Pedro García-López). Abstract.

Anita Sarma. Palantír: Enhancing Configuration Management Systems with Workspace Awareness to Detect and Resolve Emerging Conflicts. University of California, Irvine (December 2007, advisor: Andre van der Hoek). Abstract.

Xiaoqing Wu. Component-Based Language Implementation With Object-Oriented Syntax and Aspect-Oriented Semantics. University of Alabama at Birmingham (05/2007, advisor: Barrett R. Bryant). Abstract.

Shih-Hsi Liu. QOSPL: A Quality of Service-Driven Software Product Line Engineering Framework for Design and Analysis of Component-Based Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems. University of Alabama at Birmingham (2007, advisor: Barrett R. Bryant). Abstract.

Yuehua Lin. A Model Transformation Approach to Automated Model Evolution. University of Alabama at Birmingham (08/2007, advisor: Jeff Gray). Abstract.

Andy Kellens. Maintaining causality between design regularities and source code. Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2007, advisor: Theo D'Hondt). Abstract.

Davide Falessi. A Toolbox for Software Architecture Design. University of Rome TorVergata (14 December 2007, advisor: Giovanni Cantone). Abstract.

Lorenz Froihofer. Middleware Support for Adaptive Dependability through Explicit Runtime Integrity Constraints. Vienna University of Technology (2007-11-14, advisor: Mehdi Jazayeri). Abstract.

Ana Belén Barragáns Martínez. Formal Methodology for Specifying Software Systems in Multi-Perspective Environments. University of Vigo (7 September 2007, advisor: José J. Pazos Arias). Abstract.

Taweesup Apiwattanapong. Identifying testing requirements for modified software. Georgia Institute of Technology (August 2007, advisor: Mary Jean Harrold). Abstract.

Tallam Sriraman. Fault Location and Avoidance in Long-Running Multithreaded Applications. University of Arizona (Oct., 2007, advisor: Rajiv Gupta). Abstract.

Chris Mattmann. Software Connectors for Highly Distributed and Voluminous Data-Intensive Systems. University of Southern California (July 2007, advisor: Nenad Medvidovic). Abstract.

Jorge Luis Ortega-Arjona. Architectural Patterns for Parallel Programming. Models for Performance Estimation. University College London (May 31st, 2007, advisor: David S. Rosenblum). Abstract.

Carla Taciana Lima Lourenço Silva. Separating Crosscutting Concerns in Agent Oriented Detailed Design: The Social Patterns Case. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (February 2007, advisor: Jaelson Castro). Abstract.

Eduardo Almeida. RiDE: The RiSE Process for Domain Engineering. Federal University of Pernambuco (May, 2007, advisor: Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira). Abstract.

Fernando Schapachnik. Timed Automata Model Checking in Monoprocessor and Multiprocessor Architectures. University of Buenos Aires (October 2007, advisor: Víctor Braberman). Abstract.

Hyunsook Do. Accounting for Context and Lifetime Factors: A New Approach for Evaluating Regression Testing Techniques. University of Nebraska, Lincoln (May 2007, advisor: Gregg Rothermel). Abstract.

Josh Dehlinger. Incorporating product-line engineering techniques into agent-oriented software engineering for efficiently building safety-critical, multi-agent systems. Iowa State University (August 2007, advisor: Robyn R. Lutz). Abstract.

David Shepherd. Natural Language Program Analysis: Combining Natural Language Processing and Program Analysis to Improve Software Maintenance Tools. University of Delaware (August 2007, advisor: Lori Pollock and K. Vijay-Shanker). Abstract.

Arun Mukhija. CASA- A Framework for Dynamically Adaptive Applications. University of Zurich (December 2007, advisor: Martin Glinz). Abstract.

Jeremy Bradbury. Using Program Mutation for the Empirical Assessment of Fault Detection Techniques: A Comparison of Concurrency Testing and Model Checking. Queen's University (October 2007, advisor: and and Juergen Dingel). Abstract.

James Skene. Language Support for Service-Level Agreements for Application-Service Provision. University of London (November 2007, advisor: Wolfgang Emmerich). Abstract.

Jacek Ratzinger. sPACE - Software Project Assessment in the Course of Evolution. Vienna University of Technology (2007, advisor: Harald Gall). Abstract.

Nicola Zannone. A Requirements Engineering Methodology for Trust, Security, and Privacy. University of Trento (2007, advisor: Fabio Massacci). Abstract.

Vander Alves. Implementing Software Product Line Adoption Strategies. Federal University of Pernambuco (March 2007, advisor: Paulo Borba). Abstract.

Christian Lange. Assessing and Improving the Quality of Modeling - A Series of Empirical Studies about the UML. Eindhoven University of Technology (October 2007, advisor: Serge Demeyer and Mark van den Brand). Abstract.

Michael Fischer. EvoZilla - Longitudinal Evolution Analysis of Large Scale Software Systems. Technical University of Vienna (May 2007, advisor: Harald Gall). Abstract.

Nathaniel Nystrom. Programming Languages for Scalable Software Extension and Composition. Cornell University (January 2007, advisor: Andrew Myers). Abstract.

Manish Anand. Collaborative Power Management: Piercing Abstraction Barriers for Fast and Energy-Efficient Pervasive Data Access. University of Michigan (July 2007, advisor: Jason Flinn). Abstract.

George Fairbanks. Design Fragments. Carnegie Mellon University (May 2007, advisor: David Garlan and Bill Scherlis). Abstract.

Sara Sprenkle. Strategies for Automatically Exposing Faults in Web Applications. University of Delaware (August 2007, advisor: Lori Pollock). Abstract.

Stefan Wagner. Cost-Optimisation of Analytical Software Quality Assurance. Technische Universität München (April 2007, advisor: Manfred Broy). Abstract.

Cesar Sanchez. Deadlock Avoidance for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems. Stanford University (June 2007, advisor: Zohar Manna). Abstract.

Teresa Mallardo. The Role Of Software Requirements Inspections In Distributed Development. University of Bari (May, 2007, advisor: Filippo Lanubile). Abstract.

Fabio Calefato. Supporting Synchronous Communication In Distributed Software Teams. University of Bari (May, 2007, advisor: Filippo Lanubile). Abstract.

Ganesh Pai. Probabilistic software quality analysis. University of Virginia (May, 2007, advisor: Joanne Bechta Dugan). Abstract.

Rakeshkumar Shukla. A Framework for Statistical Testing of Software Components. The University of Queensland (May 2007, advisor: Paul Strooper). Abstract.


Andrew Phillips. Specifying and Implementing Secure Mobile Applications in the Channel Ambient System. Imperial College (October 2006, advisor: Bashar Nuseibeh). Abstract.

Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath. Scalable and Accurate Approaches to Program Dependence Analysis, Slicing, and Verification of Concurrent Object Oriented Programs. Kansas State University (12/2006, advisor: John Hatcliff). Abstract.

Wei Zhao. Model-Driven Integration of Software and Service Components. University of Alabama at Birmingham (12/15/2006, advisor: Barret R. Bryant). Abstract.

Naveed Arshad. A Planning-Based Approach to Failure Recovery in Distributed Systems. University of Colorado at Boulder (May 2006, advisor: Alexander L. Wolf and Dennis M. Heimbigner). Abstract.

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