AST '16- Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Automation of Software Test

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SESSION: Tests automation

Automated test generation for synchronous controllers

Model extraction and test generation from JUnit test suites

Automated testing of DSL implementations: experiences from building mbeddr

SESSION: Coverage and mutation analysis

Does code coverage provide a good stopping rule for operational profile based testing?

The impact of fault type on the relationship between code coverage and fault detection

Virtual mutation analysis of relational database schemas

Empirical study of correlation between mutation score and model inference based test suite adequacy assessment

SESSION: Testing smartphone applications

Fuzzy and cross-app replay for smartphone apps

Graph-aided directed testing of Android applications for checking runtime privacy behaviours

Automated test generation for detection of leaks in Android applications

SESSION: Fault detection and repair

Find more bugs with QuickCheck!

Automatic web security unit testing: XSS vulnerability detection

DynaMoth: dynamic code synthesis for automatic program repair