MiSE '16- Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering

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SESSION: MDE Technologies and model quality

Featured model types: towards systematic reuse in modelling language engineering

An end-to-end domain specific modeling and analysis platform

Model level design pattern instance detection using answer set programming

SESSION: Transformations (reverse engineering, derivations, co-evolution)

fREX: fUML-based reverse engineering of executable behavior for software dynamic analysis

Architecture-centric derivation of products in a software product line

Examining the co-evolution relationship between simulink models and their test cases

SESSION: Domain-specific modelling and analysis

Modeling complex air traffic management systems

Model driven performance simulation of cloud provisioned Hadoop mapreduce applications

Model-based analysis of Java EE web security configurations

SESSION: Analysis and compliance

Modeling for sustainability

Representing hierarchical state machine models in SMT-LIB

Model management for regulatory compliance: a position paper