Instructions for Conference and Workshop Organizers

Software Engineering Notes (SEN) provides ACM SIGSOFT-affiliated conferences, workshops or symposiums an opportunity to publish proceedings and/or meeting summaries.

To have a meeting, panel, session, keynote or other summary published, organizers should prepare, using the standard SEN format guidelines, an MS Word or LaTex document consisting of:

  1. the title and authors (with affiliations and email addresses),
  2. an abstract of the summary, and
  3. the full summary.

The abstract will appear in the hardcopy version of SEN and the full summary will appear in the Digital Library version.

To publish a full proceedings, organizers must provide the editor with:

  1. the table of contents (listing paper titles and authors),
  2. the abstracts consisting of titles, authors (with affiliations and email addresses), abstracts, and keywords, and
  3. the workshop papers (in ACM proceedings paper format).

The table of contents and the abstracts will be printed in the hardcopy version of SEN and the full set of information will appear in the softcopy version in the Digital Library (see previous issues of SEN for examples).

Note: For production reasons, full papers should be submitted in both source and PDF format. If only PDF is supplied, then the file should be rendered with all fonts embedded.

For additional information, contact the SEN Editor.