SIGSOFT Policy on Software Engineering Notes (SEN)


SEN distributes about two conference or workshop proceedings a year, one of which will be the proceedings of the annual SIGSOFT conference. To have proceedings distributed as an issue of SEN, the general chair must request approval from the SIGSOFT executive committee. SIGSOFT distribution should not be used as a substitute for distributing the proceedings at the conference or workshop. Instead this should be seen as an opportunity to increase accessibility to the proceedings and to increase knowledge about the subject area. In general, when selecting which proceedings will be distributed in SEN, the SIGSOFT executive committee will give priority to meetings where the proceedings were not previously distributed by SEN and to meetings where full papers are included rather than position statements.


The program chair for a meeting sponsored by, or run in cooperation with, SIGSOFT should prepare a brief summary of the technical highlights of the meeting. Summaries should be submitted for publication in SEN no later than 3 months following the meeting.