Guidelines for Running a SIGSOFT-Sponsored Workshop

SIGSOFT encourages and sponsors workshops in all areas related to software engineering. The general benefits of and requirements for SIGSOFT sponsorship are the same as for conferences. In comparison to a conference, however, a workshop is a technical meeting that:

  • reports on work in progress,
  • has a narrow focus,
  • has sessions that enable interaction among workshop attendees, and
  • is relatively low cost.

SIGSOFT especially encourages workshops that collocate with SIGSOFT-sponsored conferences. One advantage of collocation is that the budgeting process is fairly simple, usually amounting to a one-page budget that can be handled using email.

To apply for sponsorship of a workshop, follow the sponsorship guidelines.

SIGSOFT workshops usually result in a "succeedings", which is written sometime soon after the event and which serves as a public record of the discussions held at the workshop. The workshop succeedings usually are suitable for publication in SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes (SEN). If you wish to publish the succeedings in SEN, please contact the SEN editor at least six months in advance. Here is an example succeedings that was published in SEN.