A-TEST 2016- Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Automating Test Case Design, Selection, and Evaluation

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SESSION: Session 1

Multilevel coarse-to-fine-grained prioritization for GUI and web applications

EventFlowSlicer: goal based test generation for graphical user interfaces

PredSym: estimating software testing budget for a bug-free release

SESSION: Session 2

The complementary aspect of automatically and manually generated test case sets

Modernizing hierarchical delta debugging

Complete IOCO test cases: a case study

SESSION: Session 3

Model-based testing of stochastic systems with IOCO theory

Development and maintenance efforts testing graphical user interfaces: a comparison

MT4A: a no-programming test automation framework for Android applications

SESSION: Session 4

Mitigating (and exploiting) test reduction slippage

Automated workflow regression testing for multi-tenant SaaS: integrated support in self-service configuration dashboard

Towards an MDE-based approach to test entity reconciliation applications