BIGDSE '16- Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on BIG Data Software Engineering

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SESSION: Real-time data analytics

Decisions as a service for application centric real time analytics

Streaming software analytics

SESSION: Data management

DataLab: a version data management and analytics system

Exploring a framework for identity and attribute linking across heterogeneous data systems

Providing big data applications with fault-tolerant data migration across heterogeneous NoSQL databases

Data model evolution using object-NoSQL mappers: folklore or state-of-the-art?

SESSION: Engineering data-intensive systems

Towards a model-driven design tool for big data architectures

Toward big data value engineering for innovation

SESSION: Applications and industry

A reference architecture for big data systems in the national security domain

A big data framework for cloud monitoring

The "BigSE" project: lessons learned from validating industrial text mining

Predicting and fixing vulnerabilities before they occur: a big data approach

SESSION: Engineering data-intensive systems

Understanding quality requirements in the context of big data systems