CBSE '14- Proceedings of the 17th international ACM Sigsoft symposium on Component-based software engineering

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SESSION: Keynote address

Principles and methods for elastic computing

SESSION: Adaptive component-based systems

Modular coordination of multiple autonomic managers

A component-based meta-level architecture and prototypical implementation of a reflective component-based programming and modeling language

Towards a meta-model for dynamic applications

Runtime modularity in complex structures: a component model for fine grained runtime adaptation

SESSION: Software architecture and testing

Injecting quality attributes into software architectures with the common variability language

Enriching software architecture models with statistical models for performance prediction in modern storage environments

Enabling collaborative testing across shared software components

SESSION: Runtime reconfiguration

Using a model to generate reconfiguration plans at runtime

AO-OpenCom: an AO-middleware architecture supporting flexible dynamic reconfiguration

Coqcots & pycots: non-stopping components for safe dynamic reconfiguration

Strengthening architectures of smart CPS by modeling them as runtime product-lines

SESSION: Analysis and monitoring

A new approach to detect potential race conditions in component-based systems

Memory monitoring in a multi-tenant OSGi execution environment

A memory isolation method for OSGi-based home gateways

Execution cost estimation for software deployment in component-based embedded systems

SESSION: Connecting components

Design-by-contract for reusable components and realizable architectures

A specification schema for software connectors

Ensuring application integrity in shared sensing environments

SESSION: Formal approaches to CBSE

Quantifying the parallelism in BPMN processes using model checking

Architecture internalisation in BIP

Robust reconfiguration of cloud applications


Software component models: past, present and future

Rigorous component-based design in BIP: half-day tutorial

Development of smart cyber-physical systems