CHASE 2014- Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering

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SESSION: Keynote

Innovating in india: designing for constraint, computing for inclusion (keynote)

SESSION: Full Papers

Modeling work-ethics spread in software organizations

U can touch this: touchifying an IDE

Factors affecting team evolution during software projects

How social software supports cooperative practices in a globally distributed software project

Thirty years of software problems in the news

Agile methods, organizational culture and agility: some insights

Towards a behavioral software engineering

Understanding the role of requirements artifacts in kanban

An open innovation approach in support of product release decisions

The hard life of open source software project newcomers

Do XP customer-developer interactions impact motivation? findings from an industrial case study

SESSION: Short Papers

A culture of involving the vox populi for evolution of workforce policy

On the nature of roles in software engineering

The concept of "ba" applied to software knowledge

Towards refactoring-aware code review

Perceptions of answer quality in an online technical question and answer forum

Linking strategy, governance, and performance in software engineering

Communication strategies for mentoring in software development projects

Delivering software projects using captive university crowd

Improving code review effectiveness through reviewer recommendations

The calling of the third dimension

Changing dynamics of software engineering and mysterious human passion

Leverage human aspects in test engineering

A comparison of junior and senior software engineering students' personalities