CHASE '16- Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering

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SESSION: Human traits in software development

An initial analysis of differences in software engineers' attitudes towards organizational change

Finding relationships between socio-technical aspects and personality traits by mining developer e-mails

Beliefs, practices, and personalities of software engineers: a survey in a large software company

SESSION: Software processes

Do open projects "break the mirror"?: re-conceptualization of organizational configurations in open source software (OSS) production

Decision-making in software project management: a qualitative case study of a private organization

Can a team coordination game help student software project teams?

ScrumLint: identifying violations of agile practices using development artifacts

On the randori training dynamics

Augmenting requirements gathering for people with special needs using IoT: a position paper

Among the agilists: participant observation in a rapidly evolving workplace

Sociodrama: one more technique to foster collaboration in software engineering

SESSION: Technical papers

An empirical study of programming paradigms for animation

Are easily usable security libraries possible and how should experts work together to create them?

Code review participation: game theoretical modeling of reviewers in gerrit datasets

Collaboration change in enterprise software development

Does personality influence the usage of static analysis tools?: an explorative experiment

Eliciting programming challenges faced by developers with visual impairments: exploratory study

Environmental factors influencing individual decision-making behavior in software projects: a systematic literature review

GO-MUC: a strategy design method considering requirements of user and business by goal-oriented measurement

Improving learning outcomes through systematic group reformation: the role of skills and personality in software engineering education

Jimbo: a collaborative IDE with live preview

Post-completion error in software development

Usability challenges in an Ethiopian software development organization

Useful statistical methods for human factors research in software engineering: a discussion on validation with quantitative data

Web search behaviors for software development