CrowdSoft 2014- Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Crowd-based Software Development Methods and Technologies

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SESSION: Software Crowdsourcing

How the crowd impacts commercial applications: a user-oriented approach

Crowdsourcing in the Brazilian IT industry: what we know and what we don't know

Using clustering and transitivity to reduce the costs of crowdsourced entity resolution

iTest: testing software with mobile crowdsourcing

SESSION: Crowd-Based Software Development in GitHub

Recommending relevant projects via user behaviour: an exploratory study on github

Exploring the patterns of social behavior in GitHub

Investigating social media in GitHub's pull-requests: a case study on Ruby on Rails

SESSION: Crowd-Based Development for Web Services and Mobile Apps

SmartHR: a resume query and management system based on semantic web

Personalized mobile application discovery

A novel multilayered context awareness technology for internetware evolution

Estimating the dynamic performance of composed services: a probability theory based approach