DEBS '14- Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems

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SESSION: Research track papers: Streams

Quality matters: supporting quality-aware pervasive applications by probabilistic data stream management

Latency-aware elastic scaling for distributed data stream processing systems

JetStream: enabling high performance event streaming across cloud data-centers

An event processing approach to text stream analysis: basic principles of event based information filtering

SESSION: Research track papers: Event processing

Learning from the past: automated rule generation for complex event processing

RECEP: selection-based reuse for distributed complex event processing

Complex event service provision and composition based on event pattern matchmaking

DS-EPL: domain-specific event processing language

SESSION: Research track papers: Publish/subscribe and filtering

Distributed event aggregation for content-based publish/subscribe systems

The overlay scan attack: inferring topologies of distributed pub/sub systems through broker saturation

Automated quality-of-service-aware configuration of publish-subscribe systems at design-time

Content-based filtering discovery protocol (CFDP): scalable and efficient OMG DDS discovery protocol

SESSION: Research track papers: Applications

We have a DREAM: distributed reactive programming with consistency guarantees

The process-oriented event model (PoEM): a conceptual model for industrial events

Energy-efficient context-aware routing in heterogeneous WSN

Effective switch memory management in OpenFlow networks

SESSION: Industry track papers

P2S: a fault-tolerant publish/subscribe infrastructure

Scalable and elastic realtime click stream analysis using StreamMine3G

Handling location uncertainty in event driven experimentation

An event processing architecture for operational risk management in an industrial environment

Using mobile-based complex event processing to realize collaborative remote person monitoring


Tutorial on the internet of everything

Cloud-based data stream processing

Policy enforcement within emerging distributed, event-based systems

Mobile CEP in real-time big data processing: challenges and opportunities

SESSION: DEBS grand challenge

The DEBS 2014 grand challenge

Predicting energy consumption with StreamMine3G

Scalable stateful stream processing for smart grids

Predictive load management in smart grid environments

Solving the grand challenge using an opensource CEP engine

Real time load prediction and outliers detection using STORM

Predicting power needs in smart grids

Smart plug monitoring using oracle event processing

In-memory, high speed stream processing

DEMONSTRATION SESSION: Demonstrations and posters

A cloud-enabled coordination service for internet-scale OMG DDS applications

A cost model for complex event operators

Auto-scaling techniques for elastic data stream processing

Understanding event attendance through analysis of human crowd behavior in social networks

VizPub: visualizing the performance of overlay-based pub/sub systems

Supporting quality-aware pervasive applications by probabilistic data stream management

Distributed event notification in VANET with multiple service providers

Machine-learning approaches for P2P botnet detection using signal-processing techniques

Architecture of a light-weight non-threaded event oriented workflow engine

Verifying QoS properties of trusted data sensing

Mobile CEP architecture: from intelligent sensing to collaborative monitoring

Achieving high throughput for large scale event streaming across geographically distributed data-centers with JetStream

Automated publish-subscribe middleware configuration with M2etis