DEBS '15- Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems

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SESSION: Research track: event processing

Model-based verification of event-driven business processes

Efficient analysis of event processing applications

Complex event processing for reactive security monitoring in virtualized computer systems

Lazy evaluation methods for detecting complex events

SESSION: Research track: stream processing

Herding "small" streaming queries

TOPiCo: detecting most frequent items from multiple high-rate event streams

Quality-driven processing of sliding window aggregates over out-of-order data streams

Efficient key grouping for near-optimal load balancing in stream processing systems

SESSION: Research track: publish/subscribe

Distributed control plane for software-defined networks: a case study using event-based middleware

Dissemination of anonymized streaming data

Towards prioritized event matching in a content-based publish/subscribe system

Analyzing content-based publish/subscribe systems

SESSION: Research track: systems and frameworks

An algebra for pattern matching, time-aware aggregates and partitions on relational data streams

An adaptive replication scheme for elastic data stream processing systems

ThingStore: a platform for internet-of-things application development and deployment

Improving packet processing performance in the ATLAS FELIX project: analysis and optimization of a memory-bounded algorithm

SESSION: Industry track

The uncertain case of credit card fraud detection

Autofunk, a fast and scalable framework for building formal models from production systems

Dynamic monitoring for improving worker safety at the workplace: use case from a manufacturing shop floor

Spring XD: a modular distributed stream and batch processing system

Reliable event messaging in big data enterprises: looking for the balance between producers and consumers

Reactive stream processing for data-centric publish/subscribe

SESSION: Tutorials

When artificial intelligence meets the internet of things

Solution patterns for realtime streaming analytics

Tackling variety in event-based systems

SESSION: DEBS grand challenge

The DEBS 2015 grand challenge

Real time data analysis of taxi rides using StreamMine3G

Continuous analytics on geospatial data streams with WSO2 complex event processor

RDF stream processing with CQELS framework for real-time analysis

Top-K queries in RDF graph-based stream processing with actors

A high-throughput, scalable solution for calculating frequent routes and profitability of New York taxis

A high throughput processing engine for taxi-generated data streams

Deterministic real-time analytics of geospatial data streams through ScaleGate objects

Pimp my taxi ride

Using odysseus for real-time analysis over high volume geospatial data streams

High performance stream queries in scala

Geospatial event analytics leveraging reactive programming

The PipeFlow approach

Parallel event processing on unbound streams with multi-step windowing

StreamPipes: solving the challenge with semantic stream processing pipelines

SESSION: Posters

Operator fission for load balancing in distributed heterogeneous data stream processing systems

A complex event processing for large-scale M2M services and its performance evaluations

Towards content-based publish/subscribe for distributed social networks

Distributed QoS-aware scheduling in storm

Concept of multiscoping for distributed event-based systems

A conceptual model for event-sourced graph computing

SESSION: Demonstrations

Herakles: real-time sport analysis using a distributed data stream management system

Approximative event processing on sensor data streams

Spontaneous and ephemeral social networks: an event-based framework

The pipeflow approach: write once, run in different stream-processing engines