DEBS '17- Proceedings of the 11th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems

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SESSION: Keynotes

Challenges to Achieving High Availability at Scale

Blockchain: Distributed Event-based Processing in a Data-Centric World: Extended Abstract

The Customer Experience Case: The Needle in the Haystack


Complex Event Recognition Languages: Tutorial

Sliding-Window Aggregation Algorithms: Tutorial

Data Streaming and its Application to Stream Processing: Tutorial

Human Body Related Event Processing: Tutorial

Reflections on Almost Two Decades of Research into Stream Processing: Tutorial

SESSION: Research Track

Considering Human Factors in the Development of Situation-Aware CEP Applications: New Direction Paper

Modeling Aggregate Input Load of Interoperable Smart City Services

The Event Crowd: A Novel Approach for Crowd-Enabled Event Processing

Minimizing Communication Overhead in Window-Based Parallel Complex Event Processing

Low-Latency Sliding-Window Aggregation in Worst-Case Constant Time

Chronograph: A Distributed Processing Platform for Online and Batch Computations on Event-sourced Graphs

PopSub: Improving Resource Utilization in Distributed Content-based Publish/Subscribe Systems

Addressing TCAM Limitations of Software-Defined Networks for Content-Based Routing

Maximizing Determinism in Stream Processing Under Latency Constraints

SecureStreams: A Reactive Middleware Framework for Secure Data Stream Processing

FlowDB: Integrating Stream Processing and Consistent State Management

Event Forecasting with Pattern Markov Chains

Automatic Learning of Predictive CEP Rules: Bridging the Gap between Data Mining and Complex Event Processing

Using Rank Aggregation in Continuously Answering SPARQL Queries on Streaming and Quasi-static Linked Data

DCEP-Sim: An Open Simulation Framework for Distributed CEP

Performance Modeling of Stream Joins

One for All and All for One: Simultaneous Approximation of Multiple Functions over Distributed Streams

SESSION: Industry Track

Hardware Accelerated Application Integration Processing: Industry Paper

Kafka versus RabbitMQ: A comparative study of two industry reference publish/subscribe implementations: Industry Paper

An Autonomous and Dynamic Coordination and Discovery Service for Wide-Area Peer-to-peer Publish/Subscribe: Experience Paper

A Prototype for Credit Card Fraud Management: Industry Paper

An Event-based Capture-and-Compare Approach to Support the Evolution of Systems of Systems

SESSION: Debs Grand Challenge

The DEBS 2017 Grand Challenge

FlinkMan: Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing Equipment with Apache Flink: Grand Challenge

Anomaly Detection of Manufacturing Equipment via High Performance RDF Data Stream Processing: Grand Challenge

Optimized Stage Processing for Anomaly Detection on Numerical Data Streams: Grand Challenge

Real-time High Performance Anomaly Detection over Data Streams: Grand Challenge

Stream Learner: Distributed Incremental Machine Learning on Event Streams: Grand Challenge

Runtime Anomaly Detection Method in Smart Factories using Machine Learning on RDF Event Streams: Grand Challenge

Automatic Anomaly Detection over Sliding Windows: Grand Challenge

DEMONSTRATION SESSION: Demonstrations and Posters

Building Connected Car Applications on Top of the World-Wide Streams Platform: Demo

Real-Time Football Analysis with StreamTeam: Demo

REMI, Reusable Elements for Multi-Level Information Availability: Demo

Scalable Complex Event Processing on a Notebook: Demo

Solution Recommender for System Failure Recovery via Log Event Pattern Matching on a Knowledge Graph: Demo

Demonstration of a Prototype for Credit Card Fraud Management: Demo

Software-defined Adaptive Resource Management for Cloud-hosted Group Communication Applications: Poster

Raphtory: Decentralised Streaming for Temporal Graphs: Demo

Multilateral Context Analysis based on the Novel Visualization of Network Tomography: Poster

Cascading Data Corruption: About Dependencies in Cyber-Physical Systems: Poster

Challenges with Image Event Processing: Poster

The Requirements Engineering Perspective on Events in Cyber-Physical Systems: Poster

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

Visualising complex event hierarchies using relevant domain ontologies: Doctoral Symposium

Consistent Stream Processing: Doctoral Symposium

A New Application Benchmark for Data Stream Processing Architectures in an Enterprise Context: Doctoral Symposium

Raphtory: Decentralised Streaming for Temporal Graphs: Doctoral Symposium

Property-based routing in clustered message brokers for CPS: Doctoral Symposium

Loosely Coupled Approach for Web-Based Collaborative 3D Design: Doctoral Symposium

An Embedded DSL Framework for Distributed Embedded Systems: Doctoral Symposium

Large-Scale Stream Graph Processing: Doctoral Symposium