ICPC 2014- Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Program Comprehension

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SESSION: Invited Talks

Innovating in india: designing for constraint, computing for inclusion (keynote)

The MoJo family: a story about clustering evaluation (invited talk)

SESSION: Architecture

Do architectural design decisions improve the understanding of software architecture? two controlled experiments

Revealing the relationship between architectural elements and source code characteristics

SESSION: Supporting Software Engineers

Understanding LDA in source code analysis

A diagnosis-based approach to software comprehension

dsOli: data structure operation location and identification

Version history, similar report, and structure: putting them together for improved bug localization

Understanding the database manipulation behavior of programs

On mapping releases to commits in open source systems

SESSION: Collaborative and Human Aspects

Ranking crowd knowledge to assist software development

How do API changes trigger stack overflow discussions? a study on the Android SDK

Towards more accurate content categorization of API discussions

CODES: mining source code descriptions from developers discussions

Condensing class diagrams by analyzing design and network metrics using optimistic classification

An information visualization feature model for supporting the selection of software visualizations

Enabling integrated development environments with natural user interface interactions

SESSION: Recommendations

Amalgamating source code authors, maintainers, and change proneness to triage change requests

Mining unit tests for code recommendation

Recommending automated extract method refactorings

Identifying and locating interference issues in PHP applications: the case of WordPress

SESSION: Joint Session with CHASE 1

Prioritizing maintainability defects based on refactoring recommendations

SESSION: Joint Session with CHASE 2

How the evolution of emerging collaborations relates to code changes: an empirical study

SESSION: Understanding Comprehension

On the effect of code regularity on comprehension

Capturing software traceability links from developers' eye gazes

Comprehension support during knowledge transitions: learning from field

A visualization tool recording historical data of program comprehension tasks

An empirical comparison of static and dynamic type systems on API usage in the presence of an IDE: Java vs. groovy with eclipse

What is the foundation of evidence of human factors decisions in language design? an empirical study on programming language workshops

SESSION: Software Quality

Domain matters: bringing further evidence of the relationships among anti-patterns, application domains, and quality-related metrics in Java mobile apps

SCQAM: a scalable structured code quality assessment method for industrial software

Repeatedly-executed-method viewer for efficient visualization of execution paths and states in Java

A formal evaluation of DepDegree based on weyuker's properties

Hey! are you committing tangled changes?

A semiautomated method for classifying program analysis rules into a quality model

An approach for evaluating and suggesting method names using n-gram models

Cross-language bug localization

SESSION: Novel Development Tooling

Automatic documentation generation via source code summarization of method context

Improving topic model source code summarization

A code obfuscation framework using code clones

JCSD: visual support for understanding code control structure

Plagiarism detection for multithreaded software based on thread-aware software birthmarks

Redacting sensitive information in software artifacts