ICPE '18- Proceedings of the 2018 ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering

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SESSION: Keynote and Invited Talks

Performance Engineering for the SKA Telescope

AI Techniques in Software Engineering Paradigm

Benchmarks and Models for Blockchain

SESSION: Runtime Adaptation

FOX: Cost-Awareness for Autonomic Resource Management in Public Clouds

Adaptive Performance Optimization under Power Constraint in Multi-thread Applications with Diverse Scalability

Optimising Dynamic Binary Modification Across ARM Microarchitectures

TESS: Automated Performance Evaluation of Self-Healing and Self-Adaptive Distributed Software Systems

To Adapt or Not to Adapt?: Technical Debt and Learning Driven Self-Adaptation for Managing Runtime Performance

SESSION: High Performance Computing

Involving CPUs into Multi-GPU Deep Learning

Measuring Network Latency Variation Impacts to High Performance Computing Application Performance

Pattern-based Modeling of Multiresilience Solutions for High-Performance Computing

Energy and Performance Analysis of Parallel Particle Solvers from the ScaFaCoS Library

Characterizing the Microarchitectural Implications of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Execution on GPUs

SESSION: Monitoring and Profiling

Round-Trip Time Anomaly Detection

User-defined Classification and Multi-level Grouping of Objects in Memory Monitoring

Log4Perf: Suggesting Logging Locations for Web-based Systems' Performance Monitoring

ODP: An Infrastructure for On-Demand Service Profiling

SESSION: Cloud Computing

Virtualization Techniques Compared: Performance, Resource, and Power Usage Overheads in Clouds

Investigating Performance Metrics for Scaling Microservices in CloudIoT-Environments

Evaluating Scalability and Performance of a Security Management Solution in Large Virtualized Environments

Runtime Performance Management for Cloud Applications with Adaptive Controllers

Rapid Testing of IaaS Resource Management Algorithms via Cloud Middleware Simulation

Performance Prediction of Cloud-Based Big Data Applications

SESSION: Enterprise Applications

Generating Workload for ERP Applications through End-User Organization Categorization using High Level Business Operation Data

One Size Does Not Fit All: In-Test Workload Adaptation for Performance Testing of Enterprise Applications

Performance Improvement Barriers for SAP Enterprise Applications: An Analysis of Expert Interviews

SESSION: Modeling, Prediction, and Optimization

Joint Data Compression and Caching: Approaching Optimality with Guarantees

Choice of Aggregation Groups for Layered Performance Model Simplification

Optimizing Energy-Performance Trade-Offs in Solar-Powered Edge Devices

SESSION: Load Testing and Benchmarking

A Declarative Approach for Performance Tests Execution in Continuous Software Development Environments

quiho: Automated Performance Regression Testing Using Inferred Resource Utilization Profiles

Characterizing the Performance of Concurrent Virtualized Network Functions with OVS-DPDK, FD.IO VPP and SR-IOV

Methods for Quantifying Energy Consumption in TPC-H

Using the Raspberry Pi and Docker for Replicable Performance Experiments: Experience Paper