ICPE '18- Companion of the 2018 ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering

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SESSION: Work-in-Progress & Vision Papers

The Vision of Self-aware Reordering of Security Network Function Chains

An Auto-Tuning Framework for a NUMA-Aware Hessenberg Reduction Algorithm

Towards an Efficient Benchmark Generation Engine for Garbage Collection

ABench: Big Data Architecture Stack Benchmark

Towards Scalability Guidelines for Semantic Data Container Management

A SPEC RG Cloud Group's Vision on the Performance Challenges of FaaS Cloud Architectures

DIBS: A Data Integration Benchmark Suite

SPECnet: Predicting SPEC Scores using Deep Learning

Towards Performance Engineering of Model Transformation

Performance Modelling of Smart Cyber-Physical Systems

SESSION: Posters and Demos

SPEC CPU2017: Next-Generation Compute Benchmark

Application Speedup Characterization: Modeling Parallelization Overhead and Variations of Problem Size and Number of Cores.

Criticality-aware Design Space Exploration for Mixed-Criticality Embedded Systems

Challenges in Multicore Performance Predictions

SPARK Job Performance Analysis and Prediction Tool

On the Simulation of Processors Enhanced for Security in Virtualization

SESSION: Tutorials

Tools for Declarative Performance Engineering

Measuring and Benchmarking Power Consumption and Energy Efficiency


Zero-Energy Internet-of-Things: Energy-SIM'18 Workshop Keynote Abstract

Combining Energy Saving Techniques in Data Centres using Model-Based Analysis

Modular Energy Modeling using Energy/Utility

Energy-Driven Reconfiguration of Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks

Evaluation of Energy Consumption of Replicated Tasks in a Volunteer Computing Environment

SESSION: HotCloudPerf Workshop

Autoscaling Performance Measurement Tool

CAUS: An Elasticity Controller for a Containerized Microservice

Cloud-Scale Java Profiling at Alibaba

Package-Aware Scheduling of FaaS Functions

An Analysis of Workflow Formalisms for Workflows with Complex Non-Functional Requirements

A Performance Study of Big Data Workloads in Cloud Datacenters with Network Variability


CC4CS: an Off-the-Shelf Unifying Statement-Level Performance Metric for HW/SW Technologies

Towards Automating Representative Load Testing in Continuous Software Engineering

Better Early Than Never: Performance Test Acceleration by Regression Test Selection

A Workload-Dependent Performance Analysis of an In-Memory Database in a Multi-Tenant Configuration


Investigation of Replication Factor for Performance Enhancement in the Hadoop Distributed File System

Exploratory Analysis of Spark Structured Streaming


Towards the Performance Analysis of Apache Tez Applications

Continuous Integration of Performance Model

Trace Checking of Streaming Applications through DICE-TraCT

A Cloud Benchmark Suite Combining Micro and Applications Benchmarks

Diagnosis of Privacy and Performance Problems in the Context of Mobile Applications


Software Performance Testing in Virtual Time

Challenges in Automating Performance Tool Support

Predicting the Time to Migrate Into Deadlock Using a Discrete Time Markov Chain

How to Detect Performance Changes in Software History: Performance Analysis of Software System Versions

Performance Prediction for Families of Data-Intensive Software Applications

Adaptive Dispatch: A Pattern for Performance-Aware Software Self-Adaptation

PROWL: Towards Predicting the Runtime of Batch Workloads