ICSSP '16- Proceedings of the International Workshop on Software and Systems Process

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SESSION: Process adaptation and tailoring

Supporting the co-adaption of process properties

Exploring the impact of situational context: a case study of a software development process for a microservices architecture

Critical software cultures: analyses of processes in four domains

SESSION: Process tooling and simulation

How do process and team interaction depend on development technologies?: a case study on a combined setting of model-driven development and classical C coding

Comparing pre commit reviews and post commit reviews using process simulation

Towards efficient risk-identification in risk-driven development processes

SESSION: Effort, cost, and measurement

Understanding and improving effort estimation in Agile software development: an industrial case study

Calibrating COCOMO® II for projects with high personnel turnover

An exploratory study on functional size measurement based on code

SESSION: Process design and improvement

Software process models vs. descriptions: what do practitioners use and need?

CMMI guided process improvement for DevOps projects: an exploratory case study

A complexity theory viewpoint on the software development process and situational context

SESSION: System evolution and regulated domains

Research findings from an industrial trial of a traceability assessment and implementation framework

Success factors in managing legacy system evolution: a case study

Tailoring MDevSPICE® for mobile medical apps