ISSTA 2014- Proceedings of the 2014 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis

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SESSION: Concurrency and Verification

Runtime prevention of concurrency related type-state violations in multithreaded applications

Performance regression testing of concurrent classes

Verifying atomicity via data independence

Verification-aided regression testing

SESSION: Web Testing

Hybrid security analysis of web JavaScript code via dynamic partial evaluation

Virtual DOM coverage for effective testing of dynamic web applications

DOM-based test adequacy criteria for web applications

Cross-platform feature matching for web applications

SESSION: Artifact Studies

Covrig: a framework for the analysis of code, test, and coverage evolution in real software

CoREBench: studying complexity of regression errors

SESSION: Static Analyses and Transformations

ARC++: effective typestate and lifetime dependency analysis

A type system for format strings

Scalable detection of missed cross-function refactorings

Tailored source code transformations to synthesize computationally diverse program variants

SESSION: Test Selection and Reduction

Using test case reduction and prioritization to improve symbolic execution

FLOWER: optimal test suite reduction as a network maximum flow

Coverage and fault detection of the output-uniqueness test selection criteria

Dodona: automated oracle data set selection

SESSION: Localization and Repair

CrashLocator: locating crashing faults based on crash stacks

Efficient predicated bug signature mining via hierarchical instrumentation

Semantic differential repair for input validation and sanitization

Automatic repair for multi-threaded programs with Deadlock/Livelock using maximum satisfiability

SESSION: Security

Make it work, make it right, make it fast: building a platform-neutral whole-system dynamic binary analysis platform

Automated testing for SQL injection vulnerabilities: an input mutation approach


Reducing GUI test suites via program slicing

SunCat: helping developers understand and predict performance problems in smartphone applications

A variability-based testing approach for synthesizing video sequences

Robust test automation using contextual clues

SESSION: Efficiency and Optimizations

Efficient mutation analysis by propagating and partitioning infected execution states

Lightweight automated detection of unsafe information leakage via exceptions

Integrated energy-directed test suite optimization

Identifying optimal trade-offs between CPU time usage and temporal constraints using search

SESSION: Generation and Propagation

Feedback-driven dynamic invariant discovery

Link: exploiting the web of data to generate test inputs

Empirically revisiting the test independence assumption

An empirical study of injected versus actual interface errors

SESSION: Tool Demonstrations

Legend: an agile DSL toolset for web acceptance testing

ProCrawl: mining test models from multi-user web applications

X-PERT: a web application testing tool for cross-browser inconsistency detection

Extending a search-based test generator with adaptive dynamic symbolic execution

Canalyze: a static bug-finding tool for C programs

MuCheck: an extensible tool for mutation testing of haskell programs

The major mutation framework: efficient and scalable mutation analysis for Java

Defects4J: a database of existing faults to enable controlled testing studies for Java programs

A format string checker for Java

Constructing coding duels in Pex4Fun and code hunt

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

Reusing constraint proofs for scalable program analysis

Effective test generation and adequacy assessment for JavaScript-based web applications

Efficient statistical debugging via hierarchical instrumentation