ISSTA 2015- Proceedings of the 2015 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis

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SESSION: Debugging

Evaluating the usefulness of IR-based fault localization techniques

Proactive detection of inadequate diagnostic messages for software configuration errors

An analysis of patch plausibility and correctness for generate-and-validate patch generation systems

SESSION: Web Security

BrowserAudit: automated testing of browser security features

Detection and classification of malicious JavaScript via attack behavior modelling

Experience report: an empirical study of PHP security mechanism usage

SESSION: Mobile/Web Analysis

WuKong: a scalable and accurate two-phase approach to Android app clone detection

Systematic execution of Android test suites in adverse conditions

DLint: dynamically checking bad coding practices in JavaScript

SESSION: Mobile Security

Scalable and precise taint analysis for Android

Dynamic detection of inter-application communication vulnerabilities in Android

Modelgen: mining explicit information flow specifications from concrete executions

SESSION: Concurrency Analysis

When truth is efficient: analysing concurrency

Pegasus: automatic barrier inference for stable multithreaded systems

ConcBugAssist: constraint solving for diagnosis and repair of concurrency bugs

SESSION: Symbolic Execution

Enhancing reuse of constraint solutions to improve symbolic execution

S-looper: automatic summarization for multipath string loops

Experience report: how is dynamic symbolic execution different from manual testing? a study on KLEE

SESSION: Regression Testing

Practical regression test selection with dynamic file dependencies

Reliable testing: detecting state-polluting tests to prevent test dependency

Empirical evaluation of pareto efficient multi-objective regression test case prioritisation

SESSION: Search-Based Algorithms

Optimizing selection of competing features via feedback-directed evolutionary algorithms

Automated software transplantation

Automating performance bottleneck detection using search-based application profiling

SESSION: Verification

Test-case generation for runtime analysis and vice versa: verification of aircraft separation assurance

Reliability assessment for distributed systems via communication abstraction and refinement

Reusing constraint proofs in program analysis

SESSION: Random Testing

Feedback-controlled random test generation

Randomized stress-testing of link-time optimizers

Automated unit test generation during software development: a controlled experiment and think-aloud observations

SESSION: Domain-Specific Testing

Calculation coverage testing in scientific applications

Automatic fault injection for driver robustness testing

Preventing data errors with continuous testing

SESSION: Model-Based Testing

Automatic generation of system test cases from use case specifications

RTCM: a natural language based, automated, and practical test case generation framework

SESSION: Tool Demonstrations

Dynamic taint tracking for Java with phosphor (demo)

TSTL: a language and tool for testing (demo)

CanaryAdvisor: a statistical-based tool for canary testing (demo)

SAMC: a fast model checker for finding heisenbugs in distributed systems (demo)

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

Making your crashes work for you (doctoral symposium)

Scalable program analysis through proof caching (doctoral symposium)

Collaborative testing across shared software components (doctoral symposium)

Cost-aware combinatorial interaction testing (doctoral symposium)

Mining change history for test-plan generation (doctoral symposium)