InnoSWDev 2014- Proceedings of the International Workshop on Innovative Software Development Methodologies and Practices

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SESSION: New Paradigm

Software engineering for multi-tenancy computing challenges and implications

Enhanced n-version programming and recovery block techniques for web service systems

SESSION: Testing and Verification

Model checking partial software product line designs

Software reliability analysis considering the variation of testing-effort and change-point

Program structure aware fault localization

Toward a methodology to expose partially fixed concurrency bugs in modified multithreaded programs

SESSION: System Development and Management

Cloud-based support for global software engineering: potentials, risks, and gaps

Scaling up analogy-based software effort estimation: a comparison of multiple hadoop implementation schemes

A new business model of custom software development for agile software development

Developing enterprise mobile applications the easy way

SESSION: Software Modeling, Analysis with Visualization Approach

Context-sensitive detection of information exposure bugs with symbolic execution

Supporting clone analysis with tag cloud visualization

Sketch-based gradual model-driven development

An empirical study of BM25 and BM25F based feature location techniques