MOBILESoft 2014- Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems

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SESSION: Tutorials

TouchDevelop: create rich mobile apps on touch devices (tutorial)

Composing web APIs: state of the art and mobile implications (tutorial)

Swarachakra keyboard for indic scripts (tutorial)

SESSION: Research I

Interaction design for people with less education (keynote)

BraceForce: a middleware to enable sensing integration in mobile applications for novice programmers

Exposing native device APIs to web apps

On evaluating and securing firefox for Android browser extensions

SESSION: Emerging Ideas I

Android application development and testability

Mobile architectures at runtime: research challenges

SESSION: Emerging Ideas II

MobileFirst: mobile development and runtime challenges for today and tomorrow (keynote)

MobiGolog: formal task modelling for testing user gestures interaction in mobile applications

An exploratory study of the adoption of mobile development platforms by software engineers

SESSION: Emerging Ideas III

Android phone based appraisal of app behavior on cell networks

Towards a collaborative framework for the design and development of data-intensive mobile applications

Chiromancer: a tool for boosting Android application performance

Automate the decision on best-suited UI design for mobile apps

SESSION: Industrial Papers

Mobile computing at the edge (keynote)

An introduction to mobile payments: market drivers, applications, and inhibitors

Improved event driven architecture for tizen sensor framework

Mobile enablement of business process management suites

SESSION: Research II

Refactoring local to cloud data types for mobile apps

Twende-twende: a mobile application for traffic congestion awareness and routing

AppEcho: a user-driven, in situ feedback approach for mobile platforms and applications