MSR 2014- Proceedings of the 11th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories

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SESSION: Keynote

Is mining software repositories data science? (keynote)

SESSION: Green Mining

Mining energy-greedy API usage patterns in Android apps: an empirical study

GreenMiner: a hardware based mining software repositories software energy consumption framework

Mining questions about software energy consumption

SESSION: Code Clones and Origin Analysis

Prediction and ranking of co-change candidates for clones

Incremental origin analysis of source code files

Oops! where did that code snippet come from?

SESSION: Bug Characterizing

Works for me! characterizing non-reproducible bug reports

Characterizing and predicting blocking bugs in open source projects

An empirical study of dormant bugs

SESSION: Mining Repos and QA Sites

The promises and perils of mining GitHub

Mining StackOverflow to turn the IDE into a self-confident programming prompter

Mining questions asked by web developers

Process mining multiple repositories for software defect resolution from control and organizational perspective

SESSION: Mining Applications

MUX: algorithm selection for software model checkers

Improving the effectiveness of test suite through mining historical data

Finding patterns in static analysis alerts: improving actionable alert ranking

Impact analysis of change requests on source code based on interaction and commit histories

SESSION: Defect Prediction

An empirical study of just-in-time defect prediction using cross-project models

Towards building a universal defect prediction model

SESSION: Code Review and Code Search

The impact of code review coverage and code review participation on software quality: a case study of the qt, VTK, and ITK projects

Modern code reviews in open-source projects: which problems do they fix?

Thesaurus-based automatic query expansion for interface-driven code search

SESSION: Effort Estimation and Reuse

Estimating development effort in Free/Open source software projects by mining software repositories: a case study of OpenStack

An industrial case study of automatically identifying performance regression-causes

Revisiting Android reuse studies in the context of code obfuscation and library usages

SESSION: Mining Mix

Syntax errors just aren't natural: improving error reporting with language models

Do developers feel emotions? an exploratory analysis of emotions in software artifacts

How does a typical tutorial for mobile development look like?

Unsupervised discovery of intentional process models from event logs

SESSION: Short Research/Practice Papers

Tracing dynamic features in python programs

It's not a bug, it's a feature: does misclassification affect bug localization?

Classifying unstructured data into natural language text and technical information

Collaboration in open-source projects: myth or reality?

Improving the accuracy of duplicate bug report detection using textual similarity measures

Undocumented and unchecked: exceptions that spell trouble

Innovation diffusion in open source software: preliminary analysis of dependency changes in the gentoo portage package database

A dictionary to translate change tasks to source code

New features for duplicate bug detection

Mining modern repositories with elasticsearch

SESSION: Mining Challenge

A study of external community contribution to open-source projects on GitHub

Understanding "watchers" on GitHub

Do developers discuss design?

Magnet or sticky? an OSS project-by-project typology

Security and emotion: sentiment analysis of security discussions on GitHub

Sentiment analysis of commit comments in GitHub: an empirical study

Analysing the 'biodiversity' of open source ecosystems: the GitHub case

Co-evolution of project documentation and popularity within github

An insight into the pull requests of GitHub

SESSION: Data Showcase

A dataset for pull-based development research

The bug catalog of the maven ecosystem

A dataset of feature additions and feature removals from the Linux kernel

Kataribe: a hosting service of historage repositories

Lean GHTorrent: GitHub data on demand

A code clone oracle

Generating duplicate bug datasets

FLOSS 2013: a survey dataset about free software contributors: challenges for curating, sharing, and combining

A green miner's dataset: mining the impact of software change on energy consumption

Gentoo package dependencies over time

Models of OSS project meta-information: a dataset of three forges

A dataset of clone references with gaps

A dataset for maven artifacts and bug patterns found in them

OpenHub: a scalable architecture for the analysis of software quality attributes

Understanding software evolution: the maisqual ant data set