MiSE 2014- Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering

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SESSION: Requirements Modelling, Analysis, and Validation

Legal goal-oriented requirement language (legal GRL) for modeling regulations

Modeling business processes to generate artifacts for software development: a methodology

Toward tractable instantiation of conceptual data models using non-semantics-preserving model transformations

SESSION: Modelling Methodology

Structuring simulink models for verification and reuse

Coordination of software components with BIP: application to OSGi

SESSION: Model-Driven Engineering

Using megamodeling to improve industrial adoption of complex MDE solutions

Uncertainty in bidirectional transformations

Model-driven software development approaches in robotics research

SESSION: Metrics and Tool Interoperability

Towards understanding the understandability of UML models

Mining metrics for understanding metamodel characteristics

fUML as an assembly language for MDA