QoSA '14- Proceedings of the 10th international ACM Sigsoft conference on Quality of software architectures

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SESSION: Keynote address

Trust or verify?

SESSION: Performance of architectures

Automatic detection of performance anti-patterns in inter-component communications

Architectural tactics support in cloud computing providers: the jelastic case

Performance-based selection of software and hardware features under parameter uncertainty

SESSION: Performance modelling

Dealing with uncertainties in the performance modelling of software systems

Experiences with modeling memory contention for multi-core industrial real-time systems

Using architecture-level performance models as resource profiles for enterprise applications

SESSION: Architecture evaluation

Empirical resilience evaluation of an architecture-based self-adaptive software system

Architecture management and evaluation in mature products: experiences from a lightweight approach

Failure data collection for reliability prediction models: a survey

SESSION: Architecture analysis I

Efficient re-resolution of SMT specifications for evolving software architectures

Regression verification of AADL models through slicing of system dependence graphs

Evaluation of a static architectural conformance checking method in a line of computer games

SESSION: Architecture analysis II

An empirical investigation of modularity metrics for indicating architectural technical debt

Formalizing correspondence rules for automotive architecture views

SRMP: a software pattern for deadlocks prevention inreal-time concurrency models


Software QoS enhancement through self-adaptation and formal models

Designing and evolving distributed architecture using kevoree