RELENG 2016- Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Release Engineering

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SESSION: Integration and Release Processes

Analysis of marketed versus not-marketed mobile app releases

Adopting continuous delivery in AAA console games

System for meta-data analysis using prediction based constraints for detecting inconsistences in release process with auto-correction

SESSION: Build and Release Tooling

The SpudFarm: converting test environments from pets into cattle

Escaping AutoHell: a vision for automated analysis and migration of autotools build systems

Building a deploy system that works at 40000 feet

GitWaterFlow: a successful branching model and tooling, for achieving continuous delivery with multiple version branches

SESSION: Posters

Your build data is precious, don┬┐t waste it! leverage it to deliver great releases

Get out of Git hell: preventing common pitfalls of Git

A model driven method to deploy auto-scaling configuration for cloud services