SEAMS 2014- Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems

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SESSION: Keynotes

Genetic improvement for adaptive software engineering (keynote)

Adapting our view of software adaptation: an architectural perspective (keynote)

SESSION: Search-Based and Data-Mining Approaches

Designing search based adaptive systems: a quantitative approach

Towards run-time adaptation of test cases for self-adaptive systems in the face of uncertainty

Automated mining of software component interactions for self-adaptation

SESSION: Security, Goals, and Requirements

Requirements-driven mediation for collaborative security

Topology aware adaptive security

Self-adaptive applications: on the development of personalized web-tasking systems

Modelling and analysing contextual failures for dependability requirements

SESSION: Analysis and Diagnosis

User-centric adaptation of multi-tenant services: preference-based analysis for service reconfiguration

Diagnosing unobserved components in self-adaptive systems

SESSION: Cloud Computing

Symbiotic and sensitivity-aware architecture for globally-optimal benefit in self-adaptive cloud

Autonomic resource provisioning for cloud-based software

A computational field framework for collaborative task execution in volunteer clouds

SESSION: Verification

Efficient runtime quantitative verification using caching, lookahead, and nearly-optimal reconfiguration

ActivFORMS: active formal models for self-adaptation

Run-time generation, transformation, and verification of access control models for self-protection

SESSION: Decision-Making

A prediction-driven adaptation approach for self-adaptive sensor networks

Stochastic game analysis and latency awareness for proactive self-adaptation

Dealing with multiple failures in zanshin: a control-theoretic approach