SPIN 2014- Proceedings of the 2014 International SPIN Symposium on Model Checking of Software

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SESSION: Research Papers

Approximating happens-before order: interplay between static analysis and state space traversal

Local state space construction for compositional verification of concurrent systems

Exploiting synchronization in the analysis of shared-memory asynchronous programs

Certification for configurable program analysis

Incremental bounded software model checking

An improvement of the piggyback algorithm for parallel model checking

Satisfiability modulo abstraction for separation logic with linked lists

Is there a best büchi automaton for explicit model checking?

Generic and efficient attacker models in SPIN

Towards a GPGPU-parallel SPIN model checker

SESSION: Short Papers

Automatic handling of native methods in Java PathFinder

CTL+FO verification as constraint solving

Quantifying information leaks using reliability analysis

Toward parameterized verification of synchronous distributed applications

Towards a test automation framework for alloy

SpinCause: a tool for causality checking

Verige: verification with invariant generation engine

SpinRCP: the eclipse rich client platform integrated development environment for the spin model checker

TravMC2: higher-order model checking for alternating parity tree automata

Unit testing for SPIN: runspin and parsepan