WISE '14- Proceedings of the 2014 international workshop on Long-term industrial collaboration on software engineering

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SESSION: Keynote address

Academia-industry collaboration: ways to a strong and beneficial partnership

SESSION: Paper session 1

Embedding research in the industrial field: a case of a transition to a software product line

Towards automatic model-in-the-loop testing of electronic vehicle information centers

Finding relevant research solutions for practical problems: the serp taxonomy architecture

The 4+1 view model of industry--academia collaboration

Get the cogs in synch: time horizon aspects of industry--academia collaboration

SESSION: Paper session 2: TESTBEDS

Improving code coverage in android apps testing by exploiting patterns and automatic test case generation

SESSION: Paper session 3

A running leap for embedded signal processing to future parallel platforms

Foundations for long-term collaborative research

Enablers and impediments for collaborative research in software testing: an empirical exploration

SESSION: Paper session 4

Action research as a model for industry-academia collaboration in the software engineering context

CodeFu: coding competition as a tool for industry university collaboration