WODA+PERTEA 2014- Proceedings of the 2014 Joint International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis (WODA) and Software and System Performance Testing, Debugging, and Analytics (PERTEA)

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

Intent fuzzer: crafting intents of death

Automated test generation for API proxy code (invited talk abstract)

Usable program analysis at google-scale (invited talk abstract)

P: a domain-specific language for asynchronous event-driven programming (invited talk abstract)

Effective race detection for event-driven programs (invited talk abstract)

On the probabilistic analysis of software (invited talk abstract)

Context-sensitive delta inference for identifying workload-dependent performance bottlenecks (invited talk abstract)

Detecting and repairing performance bugs using execution and code patterns (invited talk abstract)

Language, compiler, and runtime system support towards highly scalable big data application (invited talk abstract)

Improving energy efficiency of work-stealing parallel languages (invited talk abstract)