Accepted New Ideas Papers

Here are the accepted New Ideas papers for FSE-20:

Dawei Qi, Jooyong Yi and Abhik RoychoudhurySoftware Change Contracts
Ana Milanova and Wei HuangInference and Checking of Pluggable Types
Mahinthan Chandramohan, Tan Hee Beng Kuan and Shar Lwin KhinScalable Malware Clustering through Coarse-Grained Behavior Modeling
Naeem Esfahani, Kaveh Razavi and Sam MalekDealing with Uncertainty in Early Software Architecture
Nicholas Digiuseppe and James JonesConcept-Based Failure Clustering
Janet Siegmund, André Brechmann, Sven Apel, Christian Kaestner, Jörg Liebig, Thomas Leich and Gunter SaakeToward Measuring Program Comprehension with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Dionysis Athanasopoulos, Apostolos Zarras and Panos VassiliadisService Selection for Happy Users: Making User-Intuitive Quality Abstractions
Kaiping Liu and Hee Beng Kuan TanHas This Bug Been Reported?
Kathryn Stolee and Sebastian ElbaumToward a Semantic Search via SMT Solver
Han Xu, Oliver Creighton, Naoufel Boulila and Bernd BrueggeFrom Pixels to Bytes: Evolutionary Scenario Based Design With Video
Nicholas Digiuseppe and James JonesSemantic Fault Diagnosis: Automatic Natural-Language Fault Descriptions
Matthias Book, Simon Grapenthin and Volker GruhnSeeing the Forest and the Trees: Focusing Team Interaction on Value and Effort Drivers

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