Accepted Papers

Here are the accepted Research Track papers for FSE-20:

Sangmin Park, Ishtiaque Hussain, Christoph Csallner, Kunal Taneja, B.M. Mainul Hossain, Mark Grechanik, Chen Fu and Qing XieCarFast: Achieving Higher Statement Coverage Faster
Christian Bird and Thomas ZimmermannAssessing the Value of Branches with What-if Analysis
Yida Tao, Yingnong Dang, Tao Xie, Dongmei Zhang and Sunghun KimHow Do Software Engineers Understand Code Changes? An Exploratory Study in Industry
Xusheng Xiao, Amit Paradkar, Suresh Thummalapenta and Tao XieAutomated Extraction of Security Policies from Natural-Language Software Documents
Joseph Near and Daniel JacksonRubicon: Bounded Verification of Web Applications
Taeho Kwon and Zhendong SuDetecting and Analyzing Insecure Component Usage
Michael Emmi, Akash Lal and Shaz QadeerAsynchronous Programs with Prioritized Task-Buffers
Wing-Kwan Chan, Hong Cheng and David LoSearching Connected API Subgraph via Text Phrases
Gerardo Canfora, Massimiliano Di Penta, Rocco Oliveto and Sebastiano PanichellaWho is going to Mentor Newcomers in Open Source Projects?
Malay Ganai, Dongyoon Lee and Aarti GuptaDTAM: Dynamic Taint Analysis of Multi-threaded Programs for Relevancy
Robert Walker, Shreya Rawal and Jonathan SillitoDo Crosscutting Concerns Cause Modularity Problems?
Mehdi Mirakhorli, Patrick Maeder and Jane Cleland-HuangVariability Points and Design Pattern Usage in Architectural Tactics
Emerson Murphy-Hill, Rahul Jiresal and Gail MurphyImproving Software Developers' Fluency by Recommending Development Environment Commands
Emad Shihab, Ahmed E. Hassan, Bram Adams and Zhen Ming JiangAn Industrial Study on the Risk of Software Changes
Damien Octeau, Somesh Jha and Patrick McDanielRetargeting Android Applications to Java Bytecode
Romain Robbes, Mircea Lungu and David RöthlisbergerHow Do Developers React to API Deprecation? The Case of a Smalltalk Ecosystem
Mark Gabel and Zhendong SuTesting Mined Specifications
Baishakhi Ray and Miryung KimA Case Study of Cross-System Porting in Forked Projects
Miryung Kim, Thomas Zimmermann and Nachiappan NagappanA Field Study of Refactoring Challenges and Benefits
Foyzur Rahman, Daryl Posnett and Premkumar DevanbuRecalling the "Imprecision" of Cross-Project Defect Prediction
Azadeh Farzan, Madhusudan Parthasarathy, Niloofar Razavi and Francesco SorrentinoPredicting Null-Pointer Dereferences in Concurrent Programs
Dirk Beyer, Thomas A. Henzinger, M. Erkan Keremoglu and Philipp WendlerConditional Model Checking: A Technique to Pass Information between Verifiers
Anh Nguyen, Tung Nguyen, Hoan Nguyen and Tien NguyenMulti-layered Approach for Recovering Links between Bug Reports and Fixes
Xiaoyin Wang, Lu Zhang, Tao Xie, Yingfei Xiong and Hong MeiAutomating Presentation Changes in Dynamic Web Applications via Collaborative Hybrid Analysis
Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem and Sarfraz KhurshidTest Input Generation Using Dynamic Programming
Senthil Mani, Rose Catherine, Vibha Singhal Sinha and Avinava DubeyAUSUM: Approach for Unsupervised bug report SUMmarization
Bradley Cossette and Robert WalkerSeeking the Ground Truth: A Retroactive Study on the Evolution and Migration of Software Libraries
Kyle Canavera, Naeem Esfahani and Sam MalekMining the Execution History of a Software System to Infer the Best Time for its Adaptation
Francisco Servant and James JonesHistory Slicing: Assisting Code-Evolution Tasks
Semih Okur and Danny DigHow do developers use parallel libraries?
Emina TorlakScalable Test Data Generation from Multidimensional Models
Saswat Anand, Mayur Naik, Hongseok Yang and Mary Jean HarroldAutomated Concolic Testing of Smartphone Apps
Leandro Sales Pinto, Saurabh Sinha and Alessandro OrsoUnderstanding Myths and Realities of Test-Suite Evolution
Willem Visser, Jaco Geldenhuys and Matt DwyerGreen: Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Constraints in Program Analysis

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