Detailed Technical Program

(subject to change)

Technical sessions are in Tanglewood / Pinehurst / Blowing Rock. Research tool demonstrations are in Smith / Cameron.

A printable PDF version of the program is available for posting, reference and sharing with colleagues.

Tuesday, 13 November
8:30-10:00Welcome/Keynote, Chair: Will Tracz
 Program Overview: Martin Robillard and Tevfik Bultan
 Keynote, Adam Lally. IBM Watson: Beyond Jeopardy!
10:30-11:45Program Analysis, Chair: Alessandro Orso
 Program AnalysisMark Gabel and Zhendong Su. Testing Mined Specifications
 Program AnalysisTaeho Kwon and Zhendong Su. Detecting and Analyzing Insecure Component Usage
 Program AnalysisDamien Octeau, Somesh Jha and Patrick McDaniel. Retargeting Android Applications to Java Bytecode   Best Artifact Award
10:30-11:45Research Tool Demonstrations Session 1, Chair: Brian Robinson
 Tool Demo 1Gianpaolo Cugola, Carlo Ghezzi, Leandro Sales Pinto and Giordano Tamburrelli. SelfMotion: A Declarative Language for Adaptive Service-Oriented Mobile Apps
 Tool Demo 1Baishakhi Ray, Christopher Wiley and Miryung Kim. REPERTOIRE: A Cross-System Porting Analysis Tool for Forked Software Projects
 Tool Demo 1Vinay Augustine. Automating Adaptive Maintenance Changes with SrcML and LINQ
13:00-14:15Text Analysis, Chair: Jane Cleland-Huang
 Text AnalysisWing-Kwan Chan, Hong Cheng and David Lo. Searching Connected API Subgraph via Text Phrases
 Text AnalysisSenthil Mani, Rose Catherine, Vibha Singhal Sinha and Avinava Dubey. AUSUM: Approach for Unsupervised bug report SUMmarization
 Text AnalysisXusheng Xiao, Amit Paradkar, Suresh Thummalapenta and Tao Xie. Automated Extraction of Security Policies from Natural-Language Software Documents
13:00-14:15Research Tool Demonstrations Session 2, Chair: William G.J. Halfond
 Tool Demo 2Mithun Acharya and Brian Robinson. Practical Change Impact Analysis Based on Static Program Slicing for Industrial Software Systems
 Tool Demo 2Elvira Albert, Antonio Flores-Montoya and Samir Genaim. MayPar: A May-Happen-in-Parallel Analyzer for Concurrent Objects
 Tool Demo 2David Shepherd, Kostadin Damevski, Bartosz Ropski and Thomas Fritz. Sando: An Extensible Local Code Search Framework
14:45-16:00Dynamic Analysis, Chair: Luciano Baresi
 Dynamic AnalysisXiaoyin Wang, Lu Zhang, Tao Xie, Yingfei Xiong and Hong Mei. Automating Presentation Changes in Dynamic Web Applications via Collaborative Hybrid Analysis
 Dynamic AnalysisKyle Canavera, Naeem Esfahani and Sam Malek. Mining the Execution History of a Software System to Infer the Best Time for its Adaptation
14:45-16:00Research Tool Demonstrations Session 3, Chair: Denys Poshyvanyk
 Tool Demo 3Liliana Pasquale, Claudio Menghi, Mazeiar Salehie, Luca Cavallaro, Inah Omoronyia and Bashar Nuseibeh. SecuriTAS: a Tool for Engineering Adaptive Security
 Tool Demo 3Bora Caglayan, Ayse Tosun Misirli, Gul Calikli, Ayse Bener, Turgay Aytac and Burak Turhan. Dione: An Integrated Measurement and Defect Prediction
16:15-17:15New Ideas (NIER) Papers, Chair: Licia Capra
 New IdeasNaeem Esfahani, Kaveh Razavi and Sam Malek. Dealing with Uncertainty in Early Software Architecture
 New IdeasDawei Qi, Jooyong Yi and Abhik Roychoudhury. Software Change Contracts
 New IdeasNicholas Digiuseppe and James A. Jones. Semantic Fault Diagnosis: Automatic Natural-Language Fault Descriptions
 New IdeasJanet Siegmund, André Brechmann, Sven Apel, Christian Kaestner, Jörg Liebig, Thomas Leich and Gunter Saake. Toward Measuring Program Comprehension with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 New IdeasKathryn Stolee and Sebastian Elbaum. Toward Semantic Search via SMT Solver
 New IdeasAna Milanova and Wei Huang. Inference and Checking of Pluggable Types
 New IdeasMahinthan Chandramohan, Hee Beng Kuan Tan and Shar Lwin Khin. Scalable Malware Clustering through Coarse-Grained Behavior Modeling
 New IdeasKaiping Liu, Hee Beng Kuan Tan and Mahinthan Chandramohan. Has This Bug Been Reported?
 New IdeasNicholas Digiuseppe and James A. Jones. Concept-Based Failure Clustering
 New IdeasMatthias Book, Simon Grapenthin and Volker Gruhn. Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Focusing Team Interaction on Value and Effort Drivers
 New IdeasHan Xu, Oliver Creighton, Naoufel Boulila and Bernd Bruegge. From Pixels to Bytes: Evolutionary Scenario Based Design With Video
 New IdeasDionysis Athanasopoulos, Apostolos Zarras and Panos Vassiliadis. Service Selection for Happy Users: Making User-Intuitive Quality Abstractions
Wednesday, 14 November
8:30-10:10Test Suites, Chair: Willem Visser
 Test SuitesLeandro Sales Pinto, Saurabh Sinha and Alessandro Orso. Understanding Myths and Realities of Test-Suite Evolution
 Test SuitesRazieh Nokhbeh Zaeem and Sarfraz Khurshid. Test Input Generation Using Dynamic Programming
 Test SuitesSangmin Park, Ishtiaque Hussain, Christoph Csallner, Kunal Taneja, B.M. Mainul Hossain, Mark Grechanik, Chen Fu and Qing Xie. CarFast: Achieving Higher Statement Coverage Faster
 Test SuitesEmina Torlak. Scalable Test Data Generation from Multidimensional Models   Distinguished Paper Award
8:30-9:45Research Tool Demonstrations Session 4, Chair: Miryung Kim
 Tool Demo 4Wei Huang and Ana Milanova. ReImInfer: Method Purity Inference for Java
 Tool Demo 4Nikolai Tillmann, Michal Moskal, Jonathan de Halleux, Manuel Fahndrich and Sebastian Burckhardt. TouchDevelop - App Development on Mobile Devices
 Tool Demo 4Asadullah Shaikh and Uffe Wiil. UMLtoCSP (UOST): A Tool for Efficient Verification of UML/OCL Class Diagrams Through Model Slicing
10:40-12:20Decision Support, Chair: Paul Grünbacher
 Decision SupportEmerson Murphy-Hill, Rahul Jiresal and Gail Murphy. Improving Software Developers' Fluency by Recommending Development Environment Commands
 Decision SupportFrancisco Servant and James A. Jones. History Slicing: Assisting Code-Evolution Tasks
 Decision SupportGerardo Canfora, Massimiliano Di Penta, Rocco Oliveto and Sebastiano Panichella. Who is going to Mentor Newcomers in Open Source Projects?
 Decision SupportChristian Bird and Thomas Zimmermann. Assessing the Value of Branches with What-if Analysis   Distinguished Paper Award
10:40-11:30Research Tool Demonstrations Session 5, Chair: Miryung Kim
 Tool Demo 5Lingming Zhang, Miryung Kim and Sarfraz Khurshid. FaultTracer: A Change Impact and Regression Fault Analysis Tool for Evolving Java Programs
 Tool Demo 5Suresh Thummalapenta, Nimit Singhania, Pranavadatta Devaki, Saurabh Sinha, Satish Chandra, Achin Das and Srinivas Mangipudi. Efficiently Scripting Change-Resilient Tests
13:30-14:45Concurrency, Chair: Chao Wang
 ConcurrencyMalay Ganai, Dongyoon Lee and Aarti Gupta. DTAM: Dynamic Taint Analysis of Multi-threaded Programs for Relevancy
 ConcurrencyAzadeh Farzan, Madhusudan Parthasarathy, Niloofar Razavi and Francesco Sorrentino. Predicting Null-Pointer Dereferences in Concurrent Programs
 ConcurrencyMichael Emmi, Akash Lal and Shaz Qadeer. Asynchronous Programs with Prioritized Task-Buffers
15:15-16:55Modularity, Chair: Danny Dig
 ModularityRobert Walker, Shreya Rawal and Jonathan Sillito. Do Crosscutting Concerns Cause Modularity Problems?
 ModularityMiryung Kim, Thomas Zimmermann and Nachiappan Nagappan. A Field Study of Refactoring Challenges and Benefits
 ModularityYida Tao, Yingnong Dang, Tao Xie, Dongmei Zhang and Sunghun Kim. How Do Software Engineers Understand Code Changes? An Exploratory Study in Industry
 ModularityMehdi Mirakhorli, Patrick Maeder and Jane Cleland-Huang. Variability Points and Design Pattern Usage in Architectural Tactics
Thursday, 15 November
8:30-10:10Empirical Studies, Chair: Massimiliano Di Penta
 Empirical StudiesBaishakhi Ray and Miryung Kim. A Case Study of Cross-System Porting in Forked Projects
 Empirical StudiesSemih Okur and Danny Dig. How do developers use parallel libraries?
 Empirical StudiesBradley Cossette and Robert Walker. Seeking the Ground Truth: A Retroactive Study on the Evolution and Migration of Software Libraries   Distinguished Paper Award
 Empirical StudiesRomain Robbes, Mircea Lungu and David Röthlisberger. How Do Developers React to API Deprecation? The Case of a Smalltalk Ecosystem
10:40-12:20Verification, Chair: Sarfraz Khurshid
 VerificationDirk Beyer, Thomas A. Henzinger, M. Erkan Keremoglu and Philipp Wendler. Conditional Model Checking: A Technique to Pass Information between Verifiers
 VerificationWillem Visser, Jaco Geldenhuys and Matt Dwyer. Green : Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Constraints in Program Analysis
 VerificationSaswat Anand, Mayur Naik, Hongseok Yang and Mary Jean Harrold. Automated Concolic Testing of Smartphone Apps
 VerificationJoseph Near and Daniel Jackson. Rubicon: Bounded Verification of Web Applications
13:30-14:45Bug Prediction, Chair: Christian Bird
 Bug PredictionFoyzur Rahman, Daryl Posnett and Premkumar Devanbu. Recalling the "Imprecision" of Cross-Project Defect Prediction
 Bug PredictionEmad Shihab, Ahmed E. Hassan, Bram Adams and Zhen Ming Jiang. An Industrial Study on the Risk of Software Changes
 Bug PredictionAnh Nguyen, Tung Nguyen, Hoan Nguyen and Tien Nguyen. Multi-layered Approach for Recovering Links between Bug Reports and Fixes
15:15-17:15Keynotes/Awards/Closing, Chair: Will Tracz
 Doctoral Dissertation Award, Mark Gabel. Inferring Programmer Intent and Related Errors from Software
 Research Award Presentation, Lori A. Clarke. Program Analysis: Then and Now
 Impact Award Presentation, Chandrasekhar Boyapati, Sarfraz Khurshid, and Darko Marinov. The Korat Approach to Systematic Testing

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