NSF Workshop: Planning Future Directions in
Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering

Cancelled - content below is for historical purposes only

NSF is sponsoring a one-day workshop to consider how ideas and technologies from Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help achieve the goals of Software Engineering (SE). The purpose of the workshop is to gather researchers from both communities who have a common interest in leveraging AI research to advance SE. The converse -- improving SE for AI applications and systems -- is also in scope. The objective is to assemble a meeting of researchers from both communities to formulate a fruitful research agenda. After the workshop, the organizers will invite some attendees to co-author a report entitled Future Directions in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Research.

Participation is by invitation only. Prospective participants should submit a research vision statement written from one or more of the following perspectives:

Submit your research vision statement through EasyChair. Format must be a three page PDF document (including references and a contact email) using the ACM SIGSOFT format (2 column, 10 pt). For templates, see the SIGSOFT Publication Guidelines.

Important Dates


Contact Information

Tim Menzies
West Virginia University, USA
tim at menzies dot us

Rachel Harrison
Oxford Brookes University, UK
rachel dot harrison at brookes dot ac dot uk

Sol Greenspan
National Science Foundation, USA
sgreensp at nsf dot gov

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